Corona Demystified: Corona Formulas, Corona Tables, Corona Brake (Paperback)

Corona Demystified: Corona Formulas, Corona Tables, Corona Brake By Jacob Sebastian Cover Image

Corona Demystified: Corona Formulas, Corona Tables, Corona Brake (Paperback)


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From engineer and author of the ground-breaking book "Compounding, the Wizard of Wealth Building," this book analyzes and explains the rapid spread of Covid-19 from a mathematical perspective.

The results are eye-opening revelations that have remained undiscovered or unlit until now but are essential to understanding the spread of the virus and containing it or living with it.

The multiplication of virus particles in the human body and the spread of infections in human society is nothing other than compounding and the resultant exponential growth. The three main factors that determine the spread of Covid-19 are the Reproduction number R, Generation speed G, and Time factor in weeks N.

The factor by which the infections will increase in a community in week N is given by the CORONA FORMULA: RGN.

Developing and analyzing this formula, the book shows:

  • Why Omicron is spreading at a much higher speed than the other variants.
  • Why Omicron enters with a shock wave in some places and quietly in others.
  • Why any change in social behavior highly amplifies infection rates with Omicron, fooling policymakers to swing like a pendulum with rules for social behavior.
  • How the CORONA BRAKE, hidden in the formula RGN, can act as a super brake for Omicron or any speedy variant.

As the Corona Formula is complex, CORONA TABLES have been developed for various Reproduction numbers for Omicron, Delta, and the original virus. They show the infection rates per week, week-to-week and month-to-month growth factors, the daily growth rate in %, and the doubling time of new infections in days and hours.

A unique JUMP VERSION of the table shows the jump factor of infections when Omicron replaces Delta or the original version. Another unique FUTURE VERSION of the table shows infection rates and other details for a hypothetical future variant that is 40% speedier than Omicron.

For Omicron and Delta, the relative shares of Reproduction number R and Generation speed G in infection rates have been calculated and explained. In addition, the Reproduction number R at which the turbo infection starts for Omicron and Delta is determined and explained.

Product Details ISBN: 9789083120379
ISBN-10: 9083120376
Publisher: Dekkaan Publishing
Publication Date: February 6th, 2022
Pages: 80
Language: English