The Silent Killer: Social Media's Life Erosion (Paperback)

The Silent Killer: Social Media's Life Erosion By Ehsan Sheroy Cover Image

The Silent Killer: Social Media's Life Erosion (Paperback)


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An intelligent investigation into the tremendous and frequently unnoticed impact that social media has on our lives, "The Silent Killer: Social Media's Life Erosion" is a book that explores this topic. This book digs into the hidden effects of our digital interactions, showing a phenomenon that subtly erodes the fabric of our life. It takes place in a world that appears to be connected by the click of a button.

A comprehensive investigation into the allure of social media is the first step in this journey. This investigation will trace the rise of social media from a method of communication to a pervasive presence that shapes our everyday experiences. By framing the conversation around the concept of "life erosion," which is a slow and subtle loss of our well-being brought about by the very platforms that are supposed to link us, the introductory chapter lays the groundwork for comprehending the complicated dynamics that are at play.

The facade of perfection becomes a prominent theme as the story progresses and becomes more transparent. During the second chapter, the culture of curated content is dissected. This culture is characterized by individuals carefully crafting and displaying idealized versions of their life. An examination of the psychological repercussions of comparing oneself to these constructed realities is presented, with a focus on the impact that this comparison has on one's mental health and self-esteem.

In the third chapter, the Dopamine Dilemma takes front stage, illuminating the addictive nature of social networking platforms from multiple perspectives. This book investigates the function that likes, comments, and notifications play as stimuli that cause the release of dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter that is responsible for the sensation of pleasure in the brain. The purpose of this chapter is to investigate the ways in which social media platforms make use of this mechanism to maintain users' continuous engagement, which ultimately results in implications that reach beyond the world of digital media.

The topic of cyberbullying and the significant influence it has on mental health is discussed in chapter four, which moves into more negative territory. Examples taken from the real world highlight the catastrophic effects of online harassment, which prompts one to contemplate the responsibilities of social media platforms to establish safer environments for users to interact with one another online.The fifth chapter focuses on the transformational impact that digital communication has had on face-to-face encounters, especially in light of the fact that it highlights the deterioration of connections that exist in the physical world. Within the context of the widespread influence of social media, the book provides a comprehensive analysis that sheds light on the difficulties and opportunities that arise when attempting to cultivate meaningful connections.

Product Details ISBN: 9788196881023
ISBN-10: 8196881029
Publisher: Mount Hira
Publication Date: January 14th, 2024
Pages: 126
Language: English