Sin esfuerzo: Facilita lo que importa / Effortless: Make It Easier to Do What M atters Most (Paperback)

Sin esfuerzo: Facilita lo que importa / Effortless: Make It Easier to Do What  M atters Most By Greg McKeown Cover Image

Sin esfuerzo: Facilita lo que importa / Effortless: Make It Easier to Do What M atters Most (Paperback)


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Una poderosa guía para alcanzar tus objetivos que inicia con un simple principio: NO TODO TIENE QUE SER TAN DIFÍCIL.
Estamos condicionados a creer que el camino del éxito está lleno de trabajo; que si queremos superarnos tenemos que sobrepensar, hacer de más y sobresforzarnos; que si no estamos exhaustos todo el tiempo no estamos haciendo lo suficiente. Sin embargo, últimamente trabajar duro es mucho más cansado que antes y entre más agotados estamos menos progresamos.
Pero avanzar no tiene que ser tan difícil como pensamos. No importa qué obstáculos nos encontremos, siempre hay una mejor manera: en lugar de presionarnos para dar más, podemos encontrar un camino más fácil.
Sin Esfuerzo te enseña a:

-Convertir tareas tediosas en rituales disfrutables.
-Prevenir la frustración al solucionar problemas antes de que aparezcan.
-Lograr un ritmo sostenible en lugar de acelerar todo el tiempo.
-Decidir una vez y eliminar futuras decisiones.
-Simplificar tu proceso al suprimir pasos innecesarios.
-Facilitar el mantenimiento y gestión de relaciones.
Y mucho más.


A Times (UK) Best Book of the Year
From the author of the million-copy-selling Essentialism comes an empowering guide to achieving your goals. It all starts with a simple principle: Not everything has to be so hard.
Do you ever feel like:
-You're teetering right on the edge of burnout?
-You want to make a higher contribution, but lack the energy? 
-You're running faster but not moving closer to your goals?
-Everything is so much harder than it used to be?
As high achievers, we've been conditioned to believe that the path to success is paved with relentless work. That if we want to overachieve, we have to overexert, overthink, and overdo. That if we aren’t perpetually exhausted, we’re not doing enough.
But lately, working hard is more exhausting than ever. And the more depleted we get, the more effort it takes to make progress. Stuck in an endless loop of “Zoom, eat, sleep, repeat,” we're often working twice as hard to achieve half as much.
Getting ahead doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it. No matter what challenges or obstacles we face, there is a better way: instead of pushing ourselves harder, we can find an easier path.
Effortless offers actionable advice for making the most essential activities the easiest ones, so you can achieve the results you want, without burning out. 
Effortless teaches you how to:
-Turn tedious tasks into enjoyable rituals
-Prevent frustration by solving problems before they arise
-Set a sustainable pace instead of powering through
-Make one-time choices that eliminate many future decisions
-Simplify your processes by removing unnecessary steps
-Make relationships easier to maintain and manage
-And much more
The effortless way isn’t the lazy way. It's the smart way. It may even be the only way.
Not every hard thing in life can be made easy. But we can make it easier to do more of what matters most.
Greg McKeown (Londres, 1977) es autor, orador público y estratega de liderazgo y negocios.
Product Details ISBN: 9786073814331
ISBN-10: 607381433X
Publisher: Aguilar
Publication Date: September 20th, 2022
Pages: 264
Language: Spanish