Pandemic History (Paperback)

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Pandemic History (Paperback)


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Do you feel stressed out by the present situation?

Do continuous mentions of sickness, viruses, germs, and illness make you fearful that you will get ill and that there will be nothing you can do about it?

Have you ever worried about what the future could hold for us, particularly in recent discussions about biological warfare and genetically created viruses?

If yes, continue reading...

The disease has always been a major threat to humanity. Plagues, infections, viruses, and germs have all struck at some point. The bubonic plague The dreadful plague. Ebola, HIV/AIDS H1N1. The Spanish Influenza.

What if another one appears? What are our options?

Despite our ongoing interaction with viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing particles, we have survived. Humanity is still here, alive and well, with no intentions to leave. This is due to a combination of chance and genetics, but it is also a monument to human ingenuity and the determination to live.

Even if you have never taken any deliberate efforts to protect yourself in the past, this book will help you prepare for the worst. As you read this book, you will be taken through a history of pandemics and how they have influenced humankind, gaining the knowledge needed to comprehend how prior pandemics have played out and what occurs after that. You'll witness behaviors that people take up during pandemics, as well as how the globe fights back against viruses, germs, and even the aftermath.

As you read this book, you will not only obtain a guide on how to survive a pandemic, but you will also learn what to anticipate and how to defend yourself. At the same time, you live among adversaries you cannot see but may still murder you if given the opportunity.

This book has the following sections:

  • A look at the history of pandemics and the consequences they've had on humans, with a focus on HIV/AIDS.
  • How pandemics are seldom solely medical in nature, and how they may have a significant economic effect on top of everything else
  • How the current epidemic has affected the economy and how the globe is attempting to resolve it
  • Everything changes during a pandemic, from habits and behaviors to cleanliness and other factors.
  • How to forecast future risks by turning to the past to have a better understanding of what is to come
  • Information about what may happen with biowarfare and how this book can help you prepare by looking at what to do if a fatal illness spreads.
  • How the history of treating various illnesses applies now and indicates our future route
  • How sickness is treated, and vaccinations are used
  • How to Deal with Viruses and Disease
  • Information about how to discuss illnesses with your kid and stress cleanliness to keep everyone healthy.

We live in difficult times. Illnesses are becoming increasingly common. It is quite likely that we will continue to witness these illnesses and that they will continue to sicken us in the future. However, one thing is constant: you can fight back and win if you know what you're doing. Don't wait any longer.

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Product Details ISBN: 9783986532970
ISBN-10: 3986532978
Publisher: Laurel Menzie
Publication Date: January 24th, 2022
Pages: 62
Language: English