Life in Motion a Study of Select Fiction (Paperback)

Life in Motion a Study of Select Fiction By Sujatha M Cover Image

Life in Motion a Study of Select Fiction (Paperback)


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"Life in Motion" is a study of select fiction that focuses on the dynamic nature of life and the various changes and movements that occur in it. The study explores how literature captures the essence of human existence and portrays the evolution of life through various perspectives. It analyzes the narrative techniques and themes employed in select works of fiction that showcase the intricate interplay between individuals and society, culture, and environment. The study examines how these works of fiction depict the various stages of life, the growth and transformation of characters, the dynamics of relationships, and the impact of external factors on individuals. Additionally, it analyzes how literary works reflect the diverse experiences of individuals and how they are affected by circumstances, both positive and negative. The study provides a deep insight into the power of literature to reflect the complexity of life and the constant motion and evolution that define it.

Product Details ISBN: 9783713577731
ISBN-10: 3713577730
Publisher: Independent Author
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2023
Pages: 252
Language: English