Emergence of Stress in Women with Breast Cancer (Paperback)

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Emergence of Stress in Women with Breast Cancer (Paperback)


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Cancer is the kind of illness that can either completely destroy you or push you to face yourself head-on, and I've decided to use my condition as an opportunity to grow. To me, cancer is one of the most potent forces for transformation. Because of this, I finally started appreciating my life and treating my body with the respect it deserved. A research paper (Koirala, 2015)

Manisha Koirala, an actress and cancer survivor.

"Women need to know that the world is not a hopeless place. They need not worry about how others may react if they are undergoing therapy. The establishment of a female-friendly atmosphere is a priority. It's vital that developing nations like India have easy access to advanced cancer treatment options. (Ray, 2011)

Surviving actress who battled cancer Ray, Lisa

The term "cancer" alone is enough to strike terror into the hearts of individuals who hear it because of its historical association with finality (Sutherland, 2009). Reading those lines makes one wonder if there is hope and whether or not things can change in the face of hardship, like a cancer diagnosis. Most cancer survivors have shown remarkable resilience in the face of a terminal diagnosis (Rendon, 2015; Thombre, Sherman & Simonton, 2010; Joseph & Linley, 2005; Steinhauser, Arnold, Olsen, Lindquist, Hays, Wood, Burton & Tulsky, 2011). As a result, people with cancer of any stage can more easily shift their focus away from their illness. The importance of mental health care in cancer therapy has grown in recent years as more people than ever are surviving the disease (Holland & Lewis, 2000).

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