A French Girl in New York (Paperback)

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A French Girl in New York (Paperback)


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From debut author Anna Adams, this delightful YA romcom is all about finding yourself, your family, and perfect harmony in the big city.

Maude Laurent is an orphan. Raised in Carvin, a small town in northern France, she’s always wondered about her parents—who they were and what happened to them. Her foster family, the Ruchets, certainly won’t tell her anything. For them, she’s someone to cook meals, clean their house, and look after their twin boys, but Maude dreams of much more—she dreams of becoming an opera star and singing on the great stages of Paris.

Her Cinderella moment arrives when she’s livestreamed playing the piano and singing in a café during a school trip to Paris. Suddenly she’s an internet sensation and music studios are pursuing her with promises of stardom. The only problem? They all want her to sing pop, but that’s not what Maude wants...

When Terence Baldwin and his daughter show up on Maude’s doorstep, they promise to help her find her own unique voice. Maude accepts the challenge: six months in New York to write and record three singles that become hits. If she succeeds, she can stay and record an album. If she doesn’t, she’ll return to Carvin.

Maude knows she has the drive and talent to succeed but she also knows that her father used to live in the city. Perhaps, just perhaps, she can have it all: a successful music career and a chance to learn more about her family. It’s perfect! However, there’s one big problem—her collaborator Matt Durand. He’s annoying and arrogant, a popstar on a break, and he’s determined to force Maude out of her comfort zone.

With rival artists determined to see Maude fail and the clock ticking, Maude and Matt have to put their bickering aside if they’re going to succeed. Then a sudden revelation about Maude’s parents changes her perspective on  everything and leaves her wondering if she can ever find the perfect harmony.
Anna Adams is a French-American lawyer-turned-author. Born in France, raised partly in the United States and in France, Anna grew up loving stories in French and English. She currently lives in the beautiful city of Paris. And when not in France, Anna enjoys writing in libraries all over the world. A French Girl in New York is her first novel.
Product Details ISBN: 9781998854622
ISBN-10: 1998854620
Publisher: Wattpad Books
Publication Date: October 15th, 2024
Pages: 312
Language: English