The Land of Giants: An Erotic Fairytale (Paperback)

The Land of Giants: An Erotic Fairytale By Victoria Rush Cover Image

The Land of Giants: An Erotic Fairytale (Paperback)


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Being small sometimes has its advantages...

When Clover and her new friends arrive at the giant gates of Gargaton, more than their eyes are opened as they begin to explore the wonders of the oversize kingdom. When curious princess Ophelia asks them how they procreate, the trio are only too happy to provide a real-life demonstration.

But while Ophelia becomes increasingly aroused watching the amorous threesome and begins moaning in mounting pleasure, her father barges into the bedroom fearing something is amiss. When he catches the group in the act, he traps the little people in a bottle and carries them back to his master suite.

After he explains to his wife how the three were corrupting their innocent daughter with their concupiscent ways, the queen peers at the sexy trio and hatches a plan. If they will service the King and Queen for one randy night of sex, they will free the group and allow them to leave the castle.

But as the royal couple begins to disrobe, it quickly becomes apparent to Clover, Tara, and Jessop that they will have to adopt some creative techniques to stimulate their enormous private parts. It doesn't take long for the three friends to learn that bigger is better when it comes to sex in the Land of Giants....

Product Details ISBN: 9781990118623
ISBN-10: 1990118623
Publisher: Victoria Rush
Publication Date: September 10th, 2021
Pages: 70
Language: English