The 3-Space Reverb Framework: Learn the step by step system for using reverb in your mixes (Paperback)

The 3-Space Reverb Framework: Learn the step by step system for using reverb in your mixes By Nathan Nyquist Cover Image

The 3-Space Reverb Framework: Learn the step by step system for using reverb in your mixes (Paperback)


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Are You Struggling To Get Reverb Working In Your Mixes?

Do you find yourself WASTING TIME with painful trial and error trying to get the perfect reverb sound for your mixes? Or maybe you're just overwhelmed by all the different options within reverb?

Every professional engineer and producer has gone through this frustrating stage of learning reverb. But the truth is we really don't have to.

The secret to quickly learning any aspect of audio engineering is to follow a formula that guarantees a great result. Once you hear a great result it's much easier to connect the dots

Unfortunately, the majority of audio engineering education focuses too much on theory, and very little on implementation. This forces you through the stressful process of trial and error.

My promise with this series is to take you from theory to implementation as fast as possible. By giving you only what you need, with zero techno-jargon, we will supercharge the learning process.

In The 3-Space Reverb Framework You'll Learn the Step-By-Step System For Using Reverb Just Like a Pro

Inside this guide you'll learn:

  • Learn the 3 major reverb types you'll be using in any mix. Once you know these, you'll have a much easier time deciding how to setup reverb

  • Learn The 3-Space Framework: a set and forget template for giving mixes the perfect reverb space

  • Learn how to EQ reverbs for the different spaces of your mix. Each space usually requires a slightly different EQ approach to give mixes a massive sound

  • Learn the theory behind every reverb parameter along with easy to understand explanations for what they do

  • Learn how different reverb types take up different amounts of space in a mix. Understanding this "reverb economy" will help you get more expansive and detailed mixes

  • Learn how to use different reverb plugins together to create larger, more compelling mixes

  • Learn how to use a mastering reverb to give your entire mix that final, finishing touch of professionalism

If you want to learn how to get professional, radio-ready mixes with reverb, then pickup your copy of The 3-Space Reverb Framework now.

By purchasing this book you'll get a simple how-to manual for using reverb in any mix. You'll get an instant skip past the painfully steep learning curve of reverb. You'll get instant access to The 3-Space Framework-a set and forget template with specific values for using reverb. All you do is set it up, start mixing and be amazed at just how perfectly your tracks will come together.

This Book Is Organized as Follows:

  1. Each chapter focuses on a core concept essential to your mastery of reverb. This makes learning easy

  2. The chapters build off each other so that when you're given The 3-Space Framework you'll have a strong foundation for easy learning.

  3. In the final part of the book, we go over some more advanced reverb techniques which will take you to the next level.

With The 3-Space Framework you'll have access to everything you need to master reverb in lightening fast speed. From the moment you start applying the included framework you'll hear the results and that's when the real learning will happen

This step by step blueprint for using reverb will solve virtually every major problem you've encountered with reverb. If you're done with needless trial and error, then pickup your copy now and take your mixes to the next level

Add The 3-Space Reverb Framework to Your Cart Now and Start Creating Powerful, Radio-Ready Mixes Today.

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Publication Date: March 27th, 2018
Pages: 108
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