The Voice of Eros (Illustrated): Collector's Edition (Paperback)

The Voice of Eros (Illustrated): Collector's Edition By Ernest L. Norman, Roslynn E. Moore (Illustrator) Cover Image

The Voice of Eros (Illustrated): Collector's Edition (Paperback)


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Paperback format Collector's Edition features:

  • Exclusive black & white illustrations
  • Added author description of his psychic experience
  • Exclusive footnotes; readable design; author, illustrator bios

Book Two of The Pulse of Creation series continues your tour of the celestial kingdoms of the Seven Shamballas, hosted by the Ascended Masters who live and teach there. Offers the best introduction to Ernest L. Norman's interdimensional concepts.

  • Learn about biocentric, triocentric, and quadrocentric soul mates
  • Experience an energy-flame Ceremony of Initiation
  • Discover night classes to attend while you sleep on Earth
  • Find new ways to climb your personal ladder of spiritual evolution

You'll visit scintillating amphitheaters where Flame Beings provide the instruction. You'll learn about the energy origins of Earth's viruses, the operations that separate destructively entangled souls, and the portals of Parhelion, through which you'll pass to visit other Shamballa learning centers.

You'll tour special libraries, galleries, and temples created by Lighted Minds to aid progressing souls as they carry out their unique plans for spiritual self-development.

"There's science in everything," Leonardo da Vinci tells us from his vantage point on Eros, a higher-dimensional world that focuses on developing and teaching an interdimensional science that benefits humanity, wherever we reside.

Through mental contacts carried out by author Ernest L. Norman over a period of weeks, Leonardo is soon joined by others among his afterlife colleagues who step up to the mic, including Nikola Tesla, Hilarion/Krishna, Leonardo's biocentric polarity Iona, William Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Browning, Robert Louis Stevenson, Confucius, Helena Blavatsky, Lao-Tse, Maha Chohan, Michael Faraday/Pericles, Rene Descartes, Friedrich Nietzsche, Gamaliel, and more.

While you read, you will be attuned to their higher-frequency energies impinged in these transmissions for your healing benefit. You may discover keys to your future, insight into your own past lives, or a new awareness of the interdimensional science that guides your existence on Earth-and beyond

From the Author:

"Far below me on the plain, I saw another wonderful and beautiful city. This one was laid out like a huge wheel with seven huge spokes, with a very wide rim. In the center, or the hub, was another huge domed temple and, like the others before it, it was of the glittering, glowing, pulsating crystal, and even much more so. The atmosphere or air, if we can term it such, seemed to be swirling with this infusion of wonderful light. There was no sun overhead. The light seemed to come from everywhere about us and Nikola] Tesla told me that there was no sun on this planet; instead, the light came directly from the central vortex, which earth people call God."-Ernest L. Norman, on his visit to the higher-dimensional plane of Eros

Praise for Book One of The Pulse of Creation series (The Voice of Venus):

"WOW It's such a beautiful, precious gem The etheric illustrations are fabulous. Retro, modern, timeless."-Shannon W.

"You are taken out of your mundane physical consciousness and transcended into the magnificent beauty and life-changing healing power as you read the words. I was transfixed..."-Douglas Taylor, Artist, Author of Soulic Journeys

"A white golden light surrounded my being, pin-white lights would appear upon the pages. It was the first book in all of my life I have read cover

to cover." -William P.

"Ahhhh this is amazing. The art is so incredible."-Liam Lukasik, Editor, Libris Lotus

Product Details ISBN: 9781953474056
ISBN-10: 1953474055
Publisher: Jolibro Publishing
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2022
Pages: 292
Language: English