Eagle Wing: Crow Killer Series - Book 6 (Paperback)

Eagle Wing: Crow Killer Series - Book 6 By Alfred Dennis Cover Image

Eagle Wing: Crow Killer Series - Book 6 (Paperback)

The western frontier in the mid 1800's was a battleground as Native Americans fought to defend their land from the white pioneers invading the west. Eagle Wing, destined to become a great leader and Arapaho Lance Bearer, helps to defend the land that was promised to the indigenous people of the different Indian tribes.

Eagle Wing, the firstborn son of Crow Killer, has the sign of the lance birthmark on his back, like his father. After seeking his vision on the sacred mountain, the medicine man interpreted his dream. The old one saw Eagle Wing riding with the great warriors of the Sioux against the invading US Cavalry. A great burden had been placed on Eagle Wing's shoulders. Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull of the Sioux wanted his help to turn back the white soldiers and gold seekers who desecrated the sacred Black Hills.

Eagle Wing rides the war trail with pride and strength as he fights the enemies of his people. The Arapaho people love and adore their great Lance Bearer, Eagle Wing, son of Crow Killer.

Product Details ISBN: 9781942869399
ISBN-10: 1942869398
Publisher: Alfred Dennis
Publication Date: September 15th, 2021
Pages: 256
Language: English
Series: Crow Killer