The Love Outraged Workbook (Paperback)

The Love Outraged Workbook By Franklin Sollars, Jamie Sharpe Cover Image

The Love Outraged Workbook (Paperback)


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The Love Outraged Workbook is a guidebook with instruction, meditations, and activities designed to help liberate the greater self in the personality from the shrouds of the character faults and shadow elements of the personality. It is not a simple positive psychology of believing in the good, suggesting you simply visualize a positive state and everything will be alright. It is not a way to bypass one's dark side to just be "happy." It engages one's shadow to transform it. The suggested exercises bring out the darkness so it can be worked with through self-acceptance, self-awareness, and self-confrontation. There is no suggestion to go around one's troubles, but encouragement and guidance to go through them.

The greater self-seeking liberation--also known as the higher or core self--is the fountain of the inner wisdom, empathy, vitality, and inner peace we all desire at deep levels of our personality if not the conscious self. Using depth psychology, including humanistic and existential foundations, as well as elements of the mystical schools of the Kabala, Gnosticism, Buddhism, and Sufism, the work points to an unfolding of one's loving, altruistic, and ecstatic life force that allows one to live creatively, fully, and generously. Illustrating a map of our inner landscape, The Love Outraged Workbook provides a path to find one's way to the unified consciousness of our center.

Product Details ISBN: 9781939686527
ISBN-10: 1939686520
Publisher: University Professors Press
Publication Date: June 1st, 2020
Pages: 138
Language: English