Freddie Loses His Game (Paperback)

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Freddie Loses His Game (Paperback)


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A Wonderful Chapter Book About Learning to Be a Winner in Life.

Freddie Pawn attends Chess Club at his chess-piece elementary school and becomes discouraged when he loses his chess game against Billy Bully Bishop. Meanwhile his friend, George Pawn, wins his game against Billy's brother, Bobby, further discouraging Freddie. To make matters worse, the Bully Bishop brothers love to tease Freddie.

How will Freddie learn to overcome his losses and the constant teasing of the Bully Bishop brothers?

Written By a Child Author

The author, Dorian Clay, was a 5th grader in elementary school when he started writing Freddie Loses His Game. By the time it was published, he was a 6th grader in middle school. His little brother, who was in kindergarten, when it was published, also contributed to the book. Both Dorian and his litte brother, Donovan, enjoy playing competitive chess and hope they can help other children discover how to be winners in life.

Multi-media, too

This book includes 15 videos of author, Dorian Clay, and his little brother, Donovan. Chapter book readers will be entertained and educated, as Dorian and Donovan explain the life lessons they have learned, including:

  • What is losing?
  • What is winning?
  • How to deal with bullies?
  • What is resilience?
  • What is good sportsmanship?
  • What are the chess pieces and how do they move?
  • ...and much more.
Hi, I'm Dorian Clay. I'm a middle school student in Seattle, Washington. I started writing the Freddie and Friends series when I was 10 years old. I began taking chess classes and playing in tournaments when I was in first grade. That's kind of old compared to my little brother. He started going to tournaments with me when he was three years old. I've been taking art classes since I was three. A couple of years ago I used a birthday gift-card to buy a book about drawing cartoons. That's how I started drawing cartoons. It's fun to make funny characters. When I'm not doing homework or working on my books, I like to play with my little brother, take Kung-Fu classes, practice drawing and painting, read books, and play video games. To publish "Freddie Loses His Game," I had to learn many things. Here's how I did it. -Typed the story into Microsoft Word -Drew the cartoons on paper -Used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to get the cartoons ready for printing -Recorded my videos in front of a green screen - like in the movies! -Edited the videos in Adobe Premier Pro I worked on this book for about 10 months, including full-time during the Summer. Some days in the Summer I worked for 12 hours next to my dad, while he did his work. I also used my entire Christmas holiday, plus another week when I was lucky school was cancelled due to snow. It's hard to imagine it took so much work to make this book. I think it took me so long, because I had to learn so many things. I hope you enjoy reading about Freddie and his friends. I hope you also try to learn as much as you can. Learning is fun!
Product Details ISBN: 9781938056048
ISBN-10: 1938056043
Publisher: Ariva Publishing
Publication Date: February 23rd, 2012
Pages: 64
Language: English