The Great Growing Up: Being Responsible for Humanity's Future (Paperback)

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The Great Growing Up: Being Responsible for Humanity's Future (Paperback)


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This book is about a paradigm shift-from human self-centeredness to adult responsibility for all life forms. Anyone willing to genuinely grow up can make this necessary choice. Inspiring, visionary book detailing the dangers and opportunities of our times, and how humans can rise to the occasion and create the society that we all know in our hearts is possible. We have an urgent choice: to opt for responsible adulthood over the largely adolescent ways we have been relating to one another and to our Earth. It is not too late to create the future we all say we want for our children and our children's children----a future that is environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just. This work is about a change of mind: the first conscious evolution of our species. Detailed, persuasive, trustworthy and authoritative.

John Renesch, renowned futurist and prolific author, has written a deeply provocative book to inspire the evolution of a new humanity. The Great Growing Up brilliantly captures the critical importance of the present moment and outlines a trajectory for achieving a mature, peaceful future for all. John's roadmap to our collective future is clear, compelling, and transformative. His new book is important and empowering. I highly recommend it. -- Lynne Twist, co-founder, The Pachamama Alliance

Like a master painter, John Renesch provides a broad interpretive mural of the last half-century along with a sweeping and sense-making depiction of how humankind has encumbered itself with less than a fully human milieu. But he does not leave us in stoicism or anomie. He encourages hope that we can rebuild our future through new forms of conscious leadership. One is left with both an understanding of our past and a renewed sense of mission regarding a future on which mankind's very survival depends. -- Andre L. Delbecq, J. Thomas and Kathleen L. McCarthy University Professor, Santa Clara University

John Renesch is a Renaissance Man who lives in the twenty-first century. In The Great Growing Up he shows how, through conscious evolution, we can put our predatory past behind us and create a dignitarian world. Prophetic yet practical, The Great Growing Up integrates science, philosophy, spirituality, and psychology into a compelling vision of a world that will work for everyone. -- Robert W. Fuller, former president, Oberlin College, author of All Rise: Somebodies, Nobodies, and the Politics of Dignity

This book is about the art of the possible despite all odds in these turbulent times. It is a manifesto for all of us as humans to lead rather than follow our own evolution. -- Mark Thompson, bestselling coauthor of Success Built to Last

In his new book -- The Great Growing Up -- John Renesch challenges us with authority, humanity, energy and optimism, to address the key issues facing society today, both globally and personally -- and these two dimensions are closely linked. It is full of valuable insights, as well as being a call to action. These messages need urgent attention if we are to survive this century, let alone see a better world in the years ahead. Time is not on our side. -- Bruce Lloyd, Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management, London South Bank University

Ever the optimistic realist, John Renesch makes clear from the beginning that The Great Growing Up intends to make us uncomfortable with the lies we tell ourselves about our world and our place in it. In debunking the myths that we think guide us, John offers a transformative manifesto of what is possible for humanity with the emphasis on human. But this is not new age mumbo jumbo; John's background in business and the physical sciences is evident throughout. Read this book and share it. -- James A. Autry, author of The Servant Leader and Looking Around for God

In The Great Growing Up, John Renesch meticulously describes today's dysfunctional societies and the dissatisfactions they have created. However, a well-functioning society is possible through 'conscious evolution, ' the use of human intention to create alternative money systems, transformative learning, gender parity, energy independence, and a host of other paradigm changes. The Great Growing Up contains a vivid description of contemporary society that is as accurate as it is depressing; however, Renesch gives his readers a 'Great Dream' for the future that is rooted in the writings of the founders of the United States, yet rebooted for the tattered world of the 21st century . . . a splendid book. -- Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Saybrook University, coauthor of Personal Mythology

John Renesch has been a pioneer and visionary in the search for human values based on reciprocity and relationship rather than self interest and dominance. His search has led him to the threshold of a new awareness that he aptly calls The Great Growing Up. His book is an invitation to cross that threshold and together remake the world. -- Alan Briskin, author of The Stirring of Soul in the Workplace and coauthor of The Power of Collective Wisdom

John's thinking and work about the direction we humans have to take is both challenging and timely. In The Great Growing Up we are given authentic hope. This book provides both an analysis and template for deep contemplation and action. -- David Kyle, author of The Four Powers of Leadership

Inspiring, practical and thought provoking . . . The Great Growing Up challenges each of us to develop and stretch our capacities to generate a global reality that secures a preferred future 'that works for everyone'. -- Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., cultural anthropologist, author of The Four-Fold Way and Second Half of Life

Have you ever wondered whether our planet is engaged in some epic transition to a better society? One where individuals, due to massive new technological and social interdependences, come to see themselves as part of a single integrated 'organism' or 'global brain, ' as well as free, individual moral actors? Teilhard de Chardin called this coming event 'Planetization' and some foresight scholars see it as part of the natural developmental future of Earth. If we are to responsibly integrate our incredible new powers for self- and environmental change, and protect against ongoing environmental degradation and destruction, such a consciousness shift must occur. Read this sublime book, and start being the change yourself, every day. You'll find very few routes to deeper universal insight, peace and happiness that are as direct and valuable as this book. -- John Smart, President, Acceleration Studies Foundation

John Renesch is not only a smart man, but also a wise one. The Great Growing Up offers a conscious choice for the kind of future we want to create and the role we each want to play in bringing it about. Don't just read this book -- do it -- Alan M. Webber, cofounder, Fast Company magazine

The Great Growing Up gives us vital and wise guidelines to the unprecedented emergence of ourselves as cocreators of our world. It is an important work for our own conscious evolution, self and social. -- Barbara Marx Hubbard, founder, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

In The Great Growing Up, John Renesch has given us an astute diagnosis of what ails us as individuals and as a global community. He then gives us a prescription for treatment. But rather than a bitter pill to swallow, we have a recipe filled with hope for a renewed spirit. -- Gregg Magrane, Ph.D., geneticist, University of California San Francisco

In The Great Growing Up John Renesch has brought together an impressive range of sources to provide a readable overview of our prospects for a renewed civilization. He manages to capture the essence of many concepts and ideas and to make them accessible. You don't need a Ph.D. to read this book -- merely an open mind and a willing spirit. -- Richard Slaughter, futurist, Foresight International, Brisbane, Australia

This is a beautiful easy-to-read book. Renesch weaves together the external and inner challenges humanity faces -- ageing, inequity, gender imbalances, spiritual poverty, lack of reflection -- and provides us with solutions forward. Humanity is like an adolescent, the transition to adulthood is not always easy, but through the work of John Renesch we are given an exploratory map on how this could be possible, and even more important, his book provides us with a pause, a time to reflect, on how each one of us can play a role in the transformation ahead, now. -- Professor Sohail Inayatullah, Tamkang University, Taiwan and the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

The American Dream is under siege instead of being seized and society is at a significant crossroads. The Great Growing Up not only warns us of the destructive path our world is heading down, it provides a vision for a brighter, better future that our children can inherit. The good news is that we are still in control: we each can make a difference and John Renesch shows us how. -- Brian Feinblum, Planned Television Arts, Chief Marketing Officer, VP

John Renesch challenges us to examine where we are in our evolution and squarely face the challenges confronting us as a species. Then he offers us the opportunity to transcend our conditions and engage in a global transformation of epic proportions. Will we squander this opportunity or act on it? Provocative, engaging and, most importantly, essential to the conscious evolution of humankind. -- Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., best-selling author of sixteen books, including With Purpose: From Success to Significance in Work and Life

I welcome this important book which maps the unprecedented challenges and opportunities for humanity in this era. John Renesch, as always, is an expert guide to this phase of human.
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