Vintage Geek (Paperback)

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Vintage Geek (Paperback)


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The ultimate quiz book for old school nerds, Vintage Geek celebrates a splendid selection of 20th-century fandoms, from Fifties' sci fi cinema, Sixties' Star Trek and Seventies' Stephen King to Eighties' actioners, Nineties' Batman 'toons and more.

- What does the sign say on the gate of Kananga's crocodile farm?

- What's the first Thing Mary Jane Watson ever said to Peter Parker?

- Why does Robby the Robot rarely partake of Altair IV's high oxygen content?

No matter what we're into, geeks of the world share a few common traits: intense and unconditional enthusiasm and the relentless urge to know, and then prove we know, every last thing about the objects of our affection.

With a foreword from Simpsons writer Mike Reiss, Vintage Geek additionally features a fabulous fifty celebrity-penned questions from the likes of Mark Hamill, John Carpenter, George Takei, Sam Neill, Mark Millar, Tom Savini, Pat Mills, Yeardley Smith and Sam J. Jones. Vintage Geek is here to chew bubblegum and assess the limits of your trivia knowledge and it's all out of bubblegum

A veteran nerd with unbound enthusiasm for everything you love, Marshall Julius is a film critic, blogger, broadcaster, quizmaster and collector of colourful plastic things. Though his lifestyle appears sedentary, actually he's wildly active on Twitter (@marshalljulius).
Product Details ISBN: 9781912836024
ISBN-10: 1912836025
Publisher: September Publishing
Publication Date: November 26th, 2019
Pages: 288
Language: English