Runes of Fall (Inheritance #9) (Paperback)

Runes of Fall (Inheritance #9) By A. K. Faulkner Cover Image

Runes of Fall (Inheritance #9) (Paperback)

No storm bows to reason.

Quentin's trip to the desert with his chosen family is supposed to be two days of testing the limits of their powers. Instead, a violent storm looms on the horizon, and nothing will alter its course.

The storm has a name: Nate Anderson. Demigod, supremacist, leader of a neo-Nazi bermensch cabal... and father to Quentin's latest ward, Mel. He means to take her home, and won't let a ragtag group of "inferior" psychics get in his way.

Besieged and outgunned, Quentin is trapped in a no-win scenario. No matter which way he turns, one fateful night will change him forever.

Product Details ISBN: 9781912349197
ISBN-10: 1912349191
Publisher: Ravensword Press
Publication Date: May 26th, 2023
Pages: 396
Language: English
Series: Inheritance