Quareia Apprentice (Hardcover)

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Quareia Apprentice (Hardcover)


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This is book number 1 in the Quareia series.

Quareia the Apprentice, the Hardback edition, is the first of three sections of the Quareia magical training. The book itself is an A4 format with 720 pages, and weighs a hefty 4.3lbs (2 kilos) - The three Quareia training books are very big and heavy books

The extensive course is spread over three sections: Apprentice, Initiate, and Adept. Each section has ten modules, and each module has eight lessons. Each of the three sections is approximately five hundred thousand words: it is the most extensive, in-depth, and intelligent up to date magical course that is currently available worldwide.

The methods, information and techniques in the course enable the magician to engage any form of magic and work with it appropriately with the full knowledge of how that magic works, why it works and what is behind it. It also starts to guide the magician along the mystical path, a path that reaches beyond religions and faith, and one where the adept moves into mystical union with the universe around them.

The lessons are detailed: each lesson has a very practical application which in turn develops the 'magical muscle' within the magician, thus preparing them for the power they will be exposed to in subsequent study sections. It is not reference material or 'recipe magic' that can be dipped in and out of: the understanding of the foundations comes from the dovetailing, study, and layering of magic that forms within and around the apprentice. It is designed to be self-taught, with every detail and step assigned carefully and practically. By the end of this section, the apprentice will have all of the skills, knowledge and strength to take on the challenge of the next stage of training.

The Quareia course is written in its entirety by magical adept and the Director of Quareia, Josephine McCarthy. Josephine has been involved in magic for forty years and has been teaching and writing about magic for over twenty five years. She is considered a revolutionizing force in the teaching of western magic, and one of the most prominent adepts of western magic alive today.

Quareia is a school that is open to anyone, and is free and accessible online at any time. It is a school that is entirely focused on teaching the most essential skills in magic, with unknown precision and depth in its materials. Yet it is free from any specific one style or specific religious overlay: various styles and religious patterns are studied and at times worked with in depth, but there is no one creed, culture or system that forms the foundation basis of the training: it is itself.

Product Details ISBN: 9781911134244
ISBN-10: 1911134248
Publisher: Quareia Publishing/Goblyn Market
Publication Date: June 19th, 2017
Pages: 720
Language: English
Series: Quareia