Silkies. Silkie Chickens Owners Manual. (Paperback)

Silkies. Silkie Chickens Owners Manual. By Roland Ruthersdale Cover Image

Silkies. Silkie Chickens Owners Manual. (Paperback)


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Silkie chickens as pets

The Silkie Chicken, which is believed to be of oriental descent is one of the most unique chicken breeds that you will ever see. The fortunate absence of a structure called the Barcibel makes the feathers of this beautiful bird look unattached and extremely fluffy.

These birds are primarily owned for ornamental and showing purposes. However, commercially, they are put to use for something entirely different. Usually, the Silkie is used commercially to hatch the eggs of other chickens. The fact that this bird is such a good brooder and mother, makes it popular among breeders who want another breed to babysit the chicks.

They are also extremely calm and docile, making them the perfect backyard chickens. In fact, this small sized bird is considered the friendliest of all the chicken breeds. Not to mention, it is also extremely adorable and cuddly

If you are a first time chicken owner, this book is your comprehensive guide to chicken care. Everything that you need to know about the health and proper development of your birds is in this book.

This book takes you step by step through various chicken care practises that can be slightly intimidating for first time pet owners. You can read about common issues like feeding, housing and healthcare for backyard chickens. I

do hope that this book is as informative as I intended it to be. It is simple and fun to read, I assure you.

So, here is wishing you pleasant times with your beloved Silkie Chickens. My silkies are funny and make me laugh all day. I hope yours are funny too.
Product Details ISBN: 9781910410721
ISBN-10: 1910410721
Publisher: Imb Publishing
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2014
Pages: 150
Language: English