Art & Healing at Mayo Clinic: How Fine Art and World-Class Medicine Combine to Stimulate the Healing Process (Paperback)

Art & Healing at Mayo Clinic: How Fine Art and World-Class Medicine Combine to Stimulate the Healing Process By Daniel Hall-Flavin, M.D., M.S., Dr. Johanna Rian, M.D., Matthew D. Dacy, M.A. Cover Image

Art & Healing at Mayo Clinic: How Fine Art and World-Class Medicine Combine to Stimulate the Healing Process (Paperback)


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At Mayo Clinic, art and medicine go hand-in-hand. In this thoughtfully curated art book, more than one hundred striking photographs take you inside the Mayo Clinic to present how the world’s leading hospital employs art as a form of holistic healing and patient care.

State-of-the-art facilities, internationally recognized doctors, and world-renowned treatment programs are not the only healing methods offered to Mayo Clinic patients. For more than one hundred years, the art placed within Mayo Clinic’s walls has been admired and appreciated by millions; not just as a form of decoration, but as a form of healing.

The artwork featured in this collection is by no means arbitrary; it is strategically curated and placed to create an inclusive “environment of healing,” in turn uplifting the spirits of patients, visitors, and employees as they occupy the space.

Organized by media, the book uses stunning photographs to showcase the array of artwork displayed throughout Mayo Clinic facilities, including media like ceramics; paintings; glass; textiles; photographs; mixed media; and ancient, ethnographic, and folk art.

Comprising pieces from a diverse group of artists—like Dale Chihuly, Auguste Rodin, Alexander Calder, Paul Granlund, Joan Miró, and Andy Warhol—Art & Healing at Mayo Clinic tells the fascinating story of how the hospital came to obtain pieces from some of history’s greatest artists, and describes how each selected piece affects the mind, body, and overall healing process.

While you don’t have to be an art connoisseur to appreciate the work included in Art & Healing at Mayo Clinic, long-time art lovers will find joy in exploring more than one hundred pieces of artwork presented in this informative and engaging read.

By showcasing how the #1 hospital in the world combines a form of art therapy with traditional healing methods to provide the utmost in patient care, Art & Healing at Mayo Clinic is visual proof that there is great healing to be experienced at the intersection where art and medicine meet.

Dr. Daniel Hall-Flavin is a consultant and professor of psychiatry at Mayo Clinic, for which he has been recognized as a top international health specialist. He has served as a committee member for Mayo Clinic for more than 20 years, and currently holds the position of medical director for the Mayo Clinic’s Dolores Jean Lavins Center for the Humanities in Medicine.

Dr. Johanna Rian serves as program director of the Lavins Center, an organization that strives to integrate the arts and humanities into the Mayo Clinic’s healing environment. As the program director, Dr. Rian brings in distinguished musicians, artists, and performers to teach patients about the transformative, healing power of the arts.

Matthew Dacy is the executive editor of Art & Healing at Mayo Clinic. In addition to his role as director of Heritage Hall, Mayo Clinic’s museum and welcome center, he also serves as the chair of the Mayo Clinic Heritage Days Committee. Along with Dr. Hall-Flavin and Dr. Rian, Matthew Dacy frequently collaborates with colleagues to carry out the acquisition, curation, and display of the artwork featured in Art & Healing at Mayo Clinic.
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Publisher: Mayo Clinic Press
Publication Date: March 16th, 2021
Pages: 204
Language: English