Krabi Krabong, The Tiger Sword of Thailand: The Science of Fighting with Eight Arms! (Paperback)

Krabi Krabong, The Tiger Sword of Thailand: The Science of Fighting with Eight Arms! By Anthony B. James Cover Image

Krabi Krabong, The Tiger Sword of Thailand: The Science of Fighting with Eight Arms! (Paperback)


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"Krabi Krabong, The Tiger Sword of Thailand"
The Science of Fighting with Eight Arms

by Ajahn, Dr. Anthony B. James

The traditional Martial Arts of Thailand are gaining popularity worldwide, especially Muay Thai- Thai Kick Boxing and Muay Boran Traditional Thai Combat Arts of Hand to Hand. Muay Thai is known as one of the most effective forms of empty-hand combat in the world. Those who have seen professional bouts of Thai Boxing have witnessed Karate, Kung Fu, and other Arts meet their brutal end at the flashing elbows and knees of the Thai fighters.

As a result we have seen fighting systems and schools of hand to hand adopt the "Thai Style" and traditional systems of combat adopted and integrated widely. The most famous system of traditional Martial Arts in Thailand is that of the Buddhai Sawan Hall of Revivals National Culture Center and Thai Sword Fighting Institute. The traditional curriculum as defined and taught by the late Grand Master Phaa Kruu Samaii Mesamarn included Nine Weapon Systems, Hand to Hand/ Empty Hand (Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Muay Chaiya, Fan Dhaap), Thai Yoga (Reussi Dottan- Reishi Yoga), Meditation (Vipassana- Thai Insight Meditation) and Traditional Thai Medicine (Ryksaa Thang Nuat Phaen Boran Thai- Wat Po Traditional Medical School Association style)

Muay Boran is taught as integral to Krabi Krabong study and share a common origin story. The Buddhai Sawan Institute's teaching of Thai culture and martial arts of Thailand is seen worldwide.

"Krabi Krabong, The Tiger Sword of Thailand", is written and illustrated with many images and photo's, by one of the very first "falang" Master teachers "Ajahn" of the original Buddhai Sawan lineage and tradition. From traditional fighting arts to meditation and healing, A Buddhai Sawan "Gold Sash" master teacher, "Kruu" since 1984, Ajahn, Dr. Anthony B. James presents the original and authentic Thai Krabi Krabong.

Over 280 illustrations, graphics and photographs bring the traditional Krabi Krabong systems to life. Sections included? Origins, History, Thai Martial Arts Philosophy, Ancient and rare images of early maps showing diverse cultural influences of Thailand and region, Ancient empire and conflicts that contributed to the development of Thai Martial traditions and their success on the battle fields, the Lineage and historical persons who are famous for their contributions to the present day, The basics of Krabi Krabong fighting methods and the actual training drills used to perfect them. Nine different weapons systems are covered including sections on Muay Thai- Boran- and Chaiya empty hand, foreign influences and depictions of the authentic weapons themselves. Also included are resources to find training and more information today for those brave souls who want to directly experience the Tiger Sword up close and personal

In the book are many rare and original photographs from the authors experience living and training with the Grand Masters in Thailand. This is an authentic, first person introduction to one of the greatest indigenous traditional martial science and arts of South East Asia and the world.

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