The Accidental Copywriter: How I Went From a Hairdresser Earning £7 Per Hour To a High Demand Copywriter Earning £1500 Per Hour (Paperback)

The Accidental Copywriter: How I Went From a Hairdresser Earning £7 Per Hour To a High Demand Copywriter Earning £1500 Per Hour By Alan Forrest Smith Cover Image

The Accidental Copywriter: How I Went From a Hairdresser Earning £7 Per Hour To a High Demand Copywriter Earning £1500 Per Hour (Paperback)


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I used to be a hairdresser earning around 7 per hour until someone handed me 1500 for writing a single A4 letter. That was 1500 per hour

This book reveals my outrageous and true stories of how I did that and how I became an extremely high-demand copywriter.

"Copywriters at ANY level should read this book"

The book reveals my whole journey into the world of writing great copy (accidentally).

If you want more response with your copy, you should probably read it.

If you want to become a copywriter. You should definitely read it.

If you are a copywriter and want to go into another level, just grab the book and stop playing around.

I walked out of school at 15-years old with no grades of any sort and no options so I dug holes in the ground for three or so years and put trees into those holes.

I eventually became a hairdresser with a salon in a working-class mining town in Lancashire, England. At some point in my life, I ended up speaking on stages with Jay Abraham, Jay Conrad Levinson, and many other super-stars of the world of business, copywriting and marketing. Yeah, really

I've been flown around the planet at least half a dozen times to teach strategic business (something I have never been taught.)

I've even sat with the rich and famous including well-known Hollywood stars and British TV stars. I even spent two weeks in the middle of the Amazonian jungle because of my writing adventures. I wrote some stuff that raised around $100k. I gave it away to an Amazonian fundraiser. They, in turn, insisted I fly to Ecuador and then into the heart of the jungle to see how this was being spent. I went, I loved it, it was crazy

I've even sat in with some of the U.K.s biggest corporate companies and have been asked to give advice, tear down internal marketing teams and rebuild them into small power-houses. Crazy stuff

And I started doing that whilst I was still a full-time working hairdresser.

I've had no formal copywriting training or ever taken a course in my life. I've had no paid living mentors to guide me. I never paid more than I should for any book on the subject. I never once read a book from start to end on copy. I just read what I needed to know to get the job done. That's never changed.

I want you to know this. I'm not the incredible John Caples. I truly wish I was David Ogilvy. I am nowhere near as good as copywriters like the brilliant self-styled antagonist copywriter Clayton Makepeace or the gentle Michel Fortin.

I'm just an accidental copywriter. I fell into the whole thing. I had no idea what is was or what I was doing. I just write stuff. And I suppose I took the time to think about what I wanted to say and then wrote down what I was thinking. Sometimes it makes sense. Sometimes it doesn't. But when it does make sense every word can carry some kind of weird hypnotic power that gets readers to react or respond.

I'm still not sure how I do it, but I do it.

And one more little fact. I started writing Ads for my businesses in 1985. I had never heard of the term 'copywriting' until the late 90s at the earliest.

For a self-employed guy like myself, I had no option - it had to work despite what little I knew; it just had to work. I wanted out of hairdressing at some point and this was just one option that worked.

So here are a handful of tales and stories as I remember them. I hope you enjoy and feel inspired at some level.

Are you ready to read my ridiculous and sometimes outrageous but true stories of the accidental copywriter?

Product Details ISBN: 9781838023409
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Publisher: Master and Man Books
Publication Date: April 15th, 2020
Pages: 232
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