Drupal 10 Masterclass: Build responsive Drupal applications to deliver custom and extensible digital experiences to users (Paperback)

Drupal 10 Masterclass: Build responsive Drupal applications to deliver custom and extensible digital experiences to users By Adam Bergstein Cover Image

Drupal 10 Masterclass: Build responsive Drupal applications to deliver custom and extensible digital experiences to users (Paperback)


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Get started with Drupal 10 using this comprehensive guide for beginners and learn key concepts such as building, installing, maintaining, managing content, and advanced topics through real-world examples and use cases

Key Features
  • Explore Drupal 10 concepts in depth and discover how you can engage with the Drupal open-source community
  • Build Drupal applications with powerful features such as structured content, media, views, and displays
  • Learn how to create modules and themes with metadata, hooks, and Drupal's customization plugins
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Book Description

Learning Drupal can be challenging because of its robust, extensible, and powerful capability for digital experiences, making it difficult for beginners to grasp and use it for application development. If you're looking to break into Drupal with hands-on knowledge, this Drupal 10 Masterclass is for you.

With this book, you'll gain a thorough knowledge of Drupal by understanding its core concepts, including its technical architecture, frontend, backend, framework, and latest features. Equipped with foundational knowledge, you'll bootstrap and install your first project with expert guidance on maintaining Drupal applications. Progressively, you'll build applications using Drupal's core features such as content structures, multilingual support, users, roles, Views, search, and digital assets. You'll discover techniques for developing modules and themes and harness Drupal's robust content management through layout builder, blocks, and content workflows. The book familiarizes you with prominent tools such as Git, Drush, and Composer for code deployments and DevOps practices for Drupal application management. You'll also explore advanced use cases for content migration and multisite implementation, extending your application's capabilities.

By the end of this book, you'll not only have learned how to build a successful Drupal application but may also find yourself contributing to the Drupal community.

What you will learn
  • Understand Drupal's architecture and infrastructure dependencies
  • Bootstrap, install, and configure your first Drupal project
  • Maintain Drupal through updates, automation, and DevOps practices
  • Harness Drupal features like multilingual, search, Views, and content moderation
  • Understand content management and how to effectively put it into action
  • Explore advanced topics such as Git, Drush, DevOps, and Composer
  • Leverage Drupal's framework for modules and themes
  • Discover advanced use cases for migration and multisite management
Who this book is for

If you are a CMS professional new to Drupal and want to learn all aspects of building and maintaining Drupal websites, this book is for you. While hands-on experience with Drupal is not assumed, having foundational knowledge of CMS development will help you get the most out of this book.

Table of Contents
  1. What is Drupal?
  2. Core, Contributed, and Custom Projects (Modules, Themes)
  3. Infrastructure and Overview of Technical Architecture
  4. Drupal Terminology
  5. What is new in Drupal 10?
  6. Bootstrapping, installing, and configuring a new Drupal project
  7. Maintaining Drupal
  8. Content Structures and Multilingual
  9. Users, Roles, and Permissions
  10. Developing Drupal Views and Display Modes
  11. Managing Static Assets
  12. Building Search in Drupal
  13. User Engagement with Contact Forms
  14. Managing Content and Media
  15. Visual Content Management
  16. Moderated content with workflows

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Product Details ISBN: 9781837633104
ISBN-10: 183763310X
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Publication Date: December 15th, 2023
Pages: 310
Language: English