UPA surveys coping with stress and tension in male and female AIDS patients (Paperback)

UPA surveys coping with stress and tension in male and female AIDS patients By Kumar Vijay Cover Image

UPA surveys coping with stress and tension in male and female AIDS patients (Paperback)


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General Introduction In 21'st century the life has been made much easier with a view to Physical comfort, but on the other hand, these manmade amenities have brought many indirect adverse impact on the mental as well as Physiological aspects of life. That is way this age is called as "age of anxiety and stress ". So as all we know that today's life is not so easy. Everybody seems to be in a haste caused by the deep rooted desires of being ahead of others in each and every field of life. Everyone always tries to attain Peace and happiness through all available means. The urgency of getting an ideal method of attaining mental Peace has become very important in view of the tremendous increase in the stress and strain of life especially in our urban population of developing countries, too much of competition, excessive hurry and worries are some most common and very important factors which ultimately lead to mental and Physical changes. So the whole scenario, we discussed above creates a stressful atmosphere, hard to bear normally. Now the fundamental question arises here - what is stress actually and how it works to affect the quality of our life. A Canadian Physiologist named "Hans selye "in 1936 first discovered the concept of stress. The word 'stress' is derived from a Latin word called 'stringer'. Different People have different views about the stress, which can be experienced, from a variety of sources. In this regard definition also varies from one Psychologist to another. One considers it as stimulus, while another as response. However, the degree of this stress may vary from person to person. So it is clear that stress is what everybody talks about but nobody does much about it. Medical science has difficulty even in defining which stressor are 'Normal', which are not . There is no question that too much stress, whether emotional or physical weakness the body's defense system against various diseases. But the only think we can do is to reduce its intensity

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