Programming for Computations: Python for everyone (Paperback)

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Programming for Computations: Python for everyone (Paperback)


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Python Programming For Beginners - Your Personal Guide For Getting Into Programming, Level Up Your Coding Skills From Scratch And Use Python Like A Mother LanguageInterested In Developing Your Skills As A Programmer, But Still Not Sure Where To Start? Then You Shouldn't Miss Out On This Python Master Guide And Become A Coding Virtuoso, Even If You Are Just Starting Out

They say programming is not for everyone, you need to be good at maths in order to succeed, if you are bad with numbers you should not even start at all... Of course, there might be some truth in the above statements, but... Like any other thing, programming is a skill that can be developed. Basically, you need two things - Adjust Your Mindset (given the fact that you are reading this, you are already interested in the subject), And The Right Tools To Complete The Mission. Hm... It Seems That You Now Have Solved The Riddle Because You Just Found The Answer Of The Second Part Of The Equation Following Through This Quick And Handy Python Programming Guide, You Will Be Able To Write Your Own Code In A Matter Of Weeks, And Make Neo Look Like A Complete Amateur

With the help of This Book, you will:

- Enter The World Of Python Programming and have a cautious understanding of the machine language (once you get to know it, it will definitely simplify some of the work you are doing)

- Reveal A Step-By-Step Process On How To Install Python and quickly start familiarizing yourself with its functionalities (without wasting much time on specifics)

- Learn Unique Programming Ideal Models and find the best way to handle a circumstance (not many people know these )

- Upgrade Your Knowledge Foundation With Functions And Models, and put it easily into practice (even proven software engineers can expand their programming comprehension)

- Understand Object-Oriented Programming and how to apply these paradigms into your projects (classes, instances, inheritance, child classes... so much stuff your head will start to spin )

- And There's Much More

You might be thinking whether you should take the blue pill instead and pretend this never happened, but...

This guide can actually show you how real programming looks like, and following the simple thoughts and applicable models, you are going to discover just that. Unlike the Matrix, you can still go back and put everything back to where it was, but that wouldn't be so cool, would it? Besides, you are just trying to build a code and make a living out of it, not hack the government, right?

Ready To See The Other Side...?

Product Details ISBN: 9781803606651
ISBN-10: 1803606657
Publisher: Pino Luca
Publication Date: February 6th, 2022
Pages: 374
Language: English