Furoshiki: The Japanese art of wrapping with fabric (Paperback)

Furoshiki: The Japanese art of wrapping with fabric By Aurelie Le Marec Cover Image

Furoshiki: The Japanese art of wrapping with fabric (Paperback)


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Learn the art of furoshiki bag making, gift wrapping and clothing wraps in clear and simple steps.

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, and it is used for may purposes: to wrap gifts, to knot into different types of bags, to carry items from one place to another and even to knot into clothing. Furoshiki has a place not only in traditional Japanese-style living, but also in modern, Western-style living. The ties in furoshiki represent the ties between people and using them to wrap things is a way of wrapping up and presenting our feelings, making furoshiki a fantastic communication tool.

Here, the author shows us how to make beautiful bags, cushion covers, halter-neck tops, a bottle carrier, a laptop bag, and even how to wrap a guitar. Once you learn the basic methods of tying, you can tie furoshiki in different ways to suit the size and shape of the contents within.
Based in Pont-Saint-Martin, France, Aurelie Le Marec lives and breathes furoshiki. She runs workshops to teach the art of furoshiki, works closely with textile designers and seamstresses, and helps to highlight textile reuse and waste reduction. 
Product Details ISBN: 9781800920262
ISBN-10: 1800920261
Publisher: Search Press
Publication Date: May 31st, 2022
Pages: 112
Language: English
BOOKIST March 15, 2022

French author Le Marec tries her hand at explaining an ancient Japanese art. As she points out, furoshiki is the ultimate, ecologically perfect answer to the plastic-bag epidemic, as it advocates reusing or reconstructing fabric into a covering that can often get double or even triple use as a tablecloth, picnic setting, or part of a larger item, like a quilt. An upfront section outlines the history of furoshiki, considerations on "becoming green," and options for fabrics, sizes, colors,and patterns. Black-and-white illustrations show the how-tos of different fabric knotting methods within the first few pages and are also embedded in each of the 50-plus projects, along with a quality color photograph of the finished piece. Across three categories (for carrying, giftwrapping, and decorating), Le Marec showcases practical projects like a laptop bag, flower or bottle wrap, and a ready-to-hug bunny wrap that could encompass a kid’s toy. While Tomoko Kakita’s Furoshiki (2021) focused on the art of the craft, this book concentrates on its pragmatic, everyday uses.