The Work Wellness Deck: 60 Simple Practices to De-stress and Recharge Wherever You Work (Cards)

The Work Wellness Deck: 60 Simple Practices to De-stress and Recharge Wherever You Work By Landra Bickley Eliopoulos, Gracia Lam (Illustrator) Cover Image

The Work Wellness Deck: 60 Simple Practices to De-stress and Recharge Wherever You Work (Cards)


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Banish burnout with this deck of 60 easy-to-do-anywhere prompts that encourage sanity, serenity, and wellness in your place of work, wherever that may be.

Burnout is common in today's work culture. Whether due to long hours, excessive workloads, or lack of work-life balance, we all know someone who has felt overwhelmed at work. Enter The Work Wellness Deck: 60 actionable suggestions that will restore a sense of well-being in the workplace and banish burnout once and for all.

Packaged in a portable format, the deck is organized into three categories: REFRESH (mental health), FLOW (physical health), and CONNECT (work relationships). Prompts include office stretches that help your posture, breathing exercises to manage stress, a gratitude practice to focus on the positive, and networking ideas to build meaningful relationships. Individuals can keep the deck on their desk or in their bag, pulling a card to start the day or as a midday mindfulness break, teams can use the cards to set a group intention, and company leaders can distribute this deck to employees as a wellness perk. No matter how it's used, The Work Wellness Deck will help people in all industries build resiliency, improve productivity, communicate effectively, and forge connection—no matter where they work.

BURNOUT IS COMMON: Whether you work from home and struggle to delineate work and personal time, or you work long hours at an office, it is common to feel overworked and overwhelmed at one point or another. The Work Wellness Deck is an effective tool in preventing and/or diminishing feelings of burnout.

PERFECT FOR COMPANIES: Small businesses, company leaders, and HR reps in every industry—tech, finance, healthcare, law, media, nonprofits, retail, and more—can distribute this deck to their employees as a way to encourage them to prioritize their health and wellness.

LITTLE-PUBLISHED SLICE OF WELLNESS: Wellness is a huge trend, but beyond self-help books on the topic, there isn't much accessible publishing on wellness in the workplace. This one-of-a-kind format is practical but still giftable, and fills that gap.

Perfect for:

• People who work and want to prioritize their own wellbeing
• Anyone who feels burned-out
• Job-changers
• New graduates
• HR reps and company leaders (for themselves or their employees); especially as a welcome gift for new hires, or a gift for a workplace anniversary or promotion
Landra Bickley Eliopoulos is a San Francisco-based mindfulness expert and consultant with over 20 years of HR and leadership experience. Prior to starting her own consulting company, Mindful HR, she worked in HR and leadership roles for Target, lululemon, and One Medical. Now, through Mindful HR, Landra leads weekly public and corporate mindfulness programs and experiences in the workplace. She has more than 15 years of experience practicing and teaching mindfulness, meditation, and movement, and she completed over 500 hours of training to earn her mindfulness certification from UCLA. She is passionate about encouraging workplace wellness and preventing burnout by blending mindfulness and people development.
Product Details ISBN: 9781797205724
ISBN-10: 1797205722
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: September 28th, 2021
Language: English
"Not all self-care activities can wait until you’re home; sometimes, you need a dose of TLC during a busy day of back-to-back meetings at the office. When selecting self-care gifts for coworkers, put The Work Wellness Deck at the top of your list. It helps balance burnout by exploring your mental health, physical health, and work relationships through various prompts."-Reader's Digest