Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes (Paperback)

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Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes (Paperback)



How to harness the power of good nutrition to excel in athletic performance.

Books on sports nutrition for adults abound, but little information is available on sports nutrition for young adults. School-aged athletes are undergoing their final years of physical growth and their minds are continuing to develop. They have nutritional needs specific to their age, activity and even their gender.

Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes is written for young adults engaged in athletics whether at the recreational level, like a soccer league, or in serious competition, which often includes a lot of travel. Parents, coaches and physical education teachers will find the book a valuable tool in designing programs to ensure their students maintain peak physical conditioning and good health.

The book is organized in six sections of comprehensive coverage:

  • The nutritional needs of young athletes -- e.g., Food as fuel; the protein/carbohydrate split; how to plan a healthy diet
  • Eating for sport -- e.g., Meals and snacks before, during and after training; menu plans
  • Weight and sports performance -- e.g., BMI and performance; healthy weight loss; eating disorders
  • Nutritional supplements -- e.g., Caffeine; energy bars, drinks and gels; creatine; vitamins and minerals
  • Eating for competition -- e.g., The week before, the day before, competition day, tournaments
  • Recipes -- A varied selection of over 50 recipes for easy, delicious and nutritious foods that will appeal to the young palate, including main dishes, vegetarian options, soups, baking and desserts.

Carefully researched and designed to appeal to young athletes and the adults in their life, this book fills a need for a nutrition book specifically for school-aged children.

Anita Bean is an accomplished athlete, a leading sports nutritionist and a bestselling author. She is the author of The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition, Healthy Eating for Kids and Sports Nutrition for Women.
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Publisher: Firefly Books
Publication Date: March 15th, 2012
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