The Pentagon Of Islam: The 5 Levels of Islamic Education (Vol #1) (Paperback)

The Pentagon Of Islam: The 5 Levels of Islamic Education (Vol #1) By Mu'addib Ibn Walid Shakir, Taalibud Dyin Al Amir Aswad Cover Image

The Pentagon Of Islam: The 5 Levels of Islamic Education (Vol #1) (Paperback)


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The Enemies of Al Islaam are the enemies of humanity. These forces studied our humanity for 1,000 years before our introduction into the universal scheme of things. What our enemy seen is that we have great potential to 'follow' or to be chattel as slaves or chattel. This is why An An'aam is the Chamber that addresses are phenomena in the human Nafs. Al Islaam has already been completed and perfected. Nothing can be added, nor subtracted. The Rasululllaah Muhammad (P), the 'Afro' Arabian of South Central' Arabia or the Tribe of Banu Hisham (The Aswad' Arab) completed this process of Al Islaam in his Nafs. He showed us how to perfect it in our Nafs (individually and as a collective). Allaah our Rabb said He is pleased with Al Islaam as our Diyn, and that lslaam is His complete favor upon Muslims andhumanity. Malak (The Angelic Mind or Being). Jabri'iyl (The Defeater of Tyrants and the Setters of Bones) came amongst the Rasululllaah Muhammad (P) and an elite circle of companions in the form as an Aswad Man or Mind. He appeared straight out of the sands without blemish or flaw in is garb. This means this Jabri'iyl (A) emerged out of the people's reality, their earthy experience in the most practical way, without being stained or corrupted by it. He told them that
Al Islaam is built and erected upon a Pentagonal Formula or 5 Angles of view. He laid out this 5 or Pentagonal Mathematical equation in detail (beyond the report of Nawwawi) and disappeared. when he (A) left, the Rasululllaah Mu-ham-mad (P) asked the people did they know who that was, they said no, then he told them that was Malak Jabri'iyl (A) who came to teach you your DIYN.

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