The Complete Works of Fante Bukowski (Hardcover)

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Collects all three volumes of the Eisner Award-nominated graphic novels series, which skewers a self-important male literary poser.

Living in a beat-up motel and consorting with the downtrodden as well as the mid-level literati, Fante Bukowski must overcome great obstacles — a love interest turned rival, ghostwriting a teen celebrity's memoirs, no actual talent — to gain the respect and adoration from critics and, more importantly, his father. Van Sciver has created a scathing, hilarious, and empathetic character study of a self-styled author determined that he's just one more poem (or drink) away from success.

This expanded edition includes a foreword by novelist Ryan Boudinot (Blueprints of the Afterlife), a facsimile reproduction of Bukowski's literary debut, 6 Poems (thought lost to time in the wake of a motel fire that destroyed the entire original print run), a "Works Cited" section, and a selection of "visual tributes" by over two dozen cartoonists including Nina Bunjevac, Simon Hanselmann, Jesse Jacobs, Ed Piskor, Leslie Stein, and others. 

About the Author

Noah Van Sciver was born on July 7, 1984, and currently resides in Denver, CO. His work has appeared in Mad magazine, Sunstone, The Comics Journal, Mome, and numerous comics anthologies.

Praise For…

[Van Sciver's] take-no-prisoners satire ends up being surprisingly sweet.

At its deepest, Fante Bukowski stands as a commentary on hordes of recognition-hungry artists with nothing to say, but as a straight parody, Fante Bukowski is hilarious enough to summon tears.

Noah Van Sciver absolutely nails the mortifying lack of self-awareness of insufferable young artistes everywhere: the coffee-shop denizens, the wannabe skid row poets, the pretentious dreamers who so earnestly believe themselves to be legendary they never once consider that their shit-art merits no such adulation. They're all there in these pages, waiting for you to tell them how great they are.
— Adam Cayton-Holland (Comedian and Writer)

Readers may cringe at Fante's clueless self-delusion, but as irredeemable as he might be, they’re also likely to root for him just a bit.

Van Sciver has established himself as a thoughtful cartoonist with a talent for exploring the complexities of the human condition with a pointed sense of humor, and Fante Bukowski highlights the combination of desperation and foolhardiness that makes this character an especially compelling trainwreck.

Van Sciver [has] struck gold with his masterful skewering of the self-important, self-proclaimed tortured geniuses who stink out the fringes of the literary world.

Fante Bukoswki is the ne plus ultra of mediocre literary white malehood. In his sweaty desperation, his hapless thirst for fame (and beer), his talentlessness, Bukowski transcends fiction. He is in all writers.

As literary satires go, it’s both gleefully malicious and unrepentantly stupid — a winning combination, for the most part.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781683962854
ISBN-10: 1683962850
Publisher: Fantagraphics
Publication Date: March 17th, 2020
Pages: 452
Language: English

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