How Do I Do That in Lightroom?: The Quickest Ways to Do the Things You Want to Do, Right Now! (3rd Edition) (Paperback)

How Do I Do That in Lightroom?: The Quickest Ways to Do the Things You Want to Do, Right Now! (3rd Edition) By Scott Kelby Cover Image

How Do I Do That in Lightroom?: The Quickest Ways to Do the Things You Want to Do, Right Now! (3rd Edition) (Paperback)


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The simplest, easiest, and quickest ways to learn over 250 Lightroom tips, tricks, and techniques

Scott Kelby, the world's #1 best-selling Lightroom author, is here with an entirely new concept in Lightroom books--one that's designed from the ground up to get you straight to whatever you need to do in Lightroom right now, get your answer fast, and get you back to editing your images.

Lightroom has become the photographer's tool because it just has so much power and so much depth, but because it has so much power and depth, sometimes the things you need are kinda hidden or not really obvious. There will be a lot of times when you need to get something done in Lightroom, but you have no idea where Adobe hid that feature, or what the "secret handshake" is to do that thing you need to do right now so you can get back to working on your images. That's why this book was created--to get you to the technique, the shortcut, or exactly the right setting, right now.

How Do I Do That In Lightroom? (3rd Edition) is a fully updated version of the best-selling first and second editions, and it covers all of Lightroom's newest and best tools, such as its powerful masking features. Here's how it works: When you need to know how to do a particular thing, you turn to the chapter where it would be found (Organizing, Importing, Print, Slideshow, Mobile, etc.), find the thing you need to do (each page covers just one single topic), and Scott tells you exactly how to do it just like he was sitting there beside you, using the same casual style as if he were telling a friend. That way, you get back to editing your images fast.

This isn't a book of theory, full of confusing jargon and detailed multi-step concepts. This is a book on which button to click, which setting to use, and exactly how and when to use it, so you're never "stuck" in Lightroom again. This will be your "go to" book that sits within reach any time you're working in Lightroom, and you are going to love having this type of help right at your fingertips.

Chapter 1: How to Get Your Images Into Lightroom

Chapter 2: How to Organize Your Images

Chapter 3: How to Customize Lightroom

Chapter 4: How to Edit Your Images

Chapter 5: How to Use Masking

Chapter 6: How to Create Special Effects

Chapter 7: How to Save Your Images as JPEGs, TIFFs, Etc.

Chapter 8: How to Make Photo Books

Chapter 9: How to Make Awesome Slide Shows

Chapter 10: How to Make Beautiful Prints

Chapter 11: How to Use Lightroom on Your Phone or Tablet

Chapter 12: How to Do All That Other Stuff

Scott Kelby is the world's #1 best-selling author of photography technique books, as well as Editor and Publisher of the highly acclaimed Photoshop User magazine. He is co-host of the influential weekly photography talk show The Grid and he teaches digital photography workshops and seminars around the world. Scott is an award-winning author of over 60 books, including How Do I Do That in Lightroom?, How Do I Do That in Photoshop?, The Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers, The Digital Photography Book series, Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers, and Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It. He lives in Oldsmar, FL. For more on Scott, visit his fantastic blog at
Product Details ISBN: 9781681989150
ISBN-10: 1681989158
Publisher: Rocky Nook
Publication Date: August 30th, 2022
Pages: 336
Language: English