The Day I Became a Potato Pancake (Hardcover)

The Day I Became a Potato Pancake By Arie Kaplan, Beilin Xu (Illustrator) Cover Image

The Day I Became a Potato Pancake (Hardcover)

By Arie Kaplan, Beilin Xu (Illustrator)


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A fun-packed graphic novel with Hanukkah-themed, science fiction adventure.

Naomi and her best friend Ben love playing with the cool inventions Naomi's scientist mother always works on, like the holographic simulation room where they can fight dinosaurs. One day, using special finger-print copying gloves, she and Ben break into her mom's top-secret lab (otherwise known as the garage) to see what other cool stuff they might find. There they find a device called the Transfogram, an experimental machine that transforms you into whatever you're thinking about at the moment. While eating potato pancakes, Ben reaches for the button to see what it does-- and next thing he knows, he's transformed into a life-size walking, talking potato pancake

While Naomi's mom finally concocts an antidote, Ben discovers that he enjoys being the center of attention at school, and he delays changing back to a human. But the clock is running out and if he doesn't take the antidote soon, he'll remain a potato pancake forever.

To make matters worse, there's a mysterious figure watching Ben's every move. It's an alien, called a Dreideltopian, who collects Hanukkah-themed objects from around the galaxy for his museum, and now he wants to collect Ben

Product Details ISBN: 9781681156569
ISBN-10: 1681156563
Publisher: Apples & Honey Press
Publication Date: October 15th, 2024
Pages: 64
Language: English