Across the Border (Paperback)

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Across the Border (Paperback)


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"Across The Border" is a gripping and action-packed novel about America's mission to destroy the Sinaloa-Durango Cartel (SDC). Deeply relevant and filled with historically accurate insight into America's self-proclaimed War on Drugs, this must-read novel will appeal to readers of historical fiction and those with an interest in Military History. The cartel is profoundly threatening to the United States, and taking it down requires intelligence, commitment, and ferocity. Is Jason Maines, Former Navy SEAL, and CIA covert operative, up to the task? Find out in this heart-pounding story.

Last year alone, more than a hundred thousand Americans died from overdoses or drug-related crimes, four billion U.S. dollars were funneled into the coffers of the Sinaloa-Durango Cartel, and a hundred times more than that was spent trying to stop the tidal wave of death from crashing across the southern border. The cartel's informants everywhere in American government and law enforcement keep the SDC a step ahead of the Americans. With public outcry at a fever pitch, the American president must act decisively and has issued a classified executive order to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

In this story, Jason Maines, former Navy SEAL and CIA covert operative, is brought in to form a clandestine, off-the-books DEA team with a single objective: destroy the SDC. He recruits Mindy Sinclair, a brilliant FBI analyst and SDC expert along with Raul Vega, a trusted and capable cartel persecutor to form the core of his team.

But Jason soon learns that honor in warfare has no place in the fight against the cartel. Instead, he must operate with the same vicious ferocity as the SDC, and do so in such a way that the cartel will destroy itself.
Scott Schuff was born and raised in Arizona where he resided for 61 years then retired and moved to Northwest Arkansas. Scott spent 35 years working in the Steel fabrication and erection business and built such highly acclaimed projects such as the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas, the Arizona Cardinals stadium, and the Bronco's stadium in Denver to name just a few. When Scott retired, he decided he would write a book and use some the knowledge he learned while in business along with locations throughout his home state of Arizona, especially the border which helped the process. Scott is married to his wife Dee and together they have five children and ten grandchildren.Jim Bullard is a native southern Californian, born in Pasadena and raised along the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley. He is a retired U.S. Air Force "Mustang" Lieutenant Colonel who started his military career as an enlisted Airman. In his military career, he traveled the world for his Intelligence, Special Operations and Headquarters assignments. Jim has a worldview and ground-level understanding of the geopolitical dynamic that helps to inform his writing. For many years, he has been a volunteer musician in the churches he and his family have attended, and now, in his retirement, continues to serve in that role but has also been welcomed into the local secular music scene with established, profitable bands and individuals. Jim and his wife, Belinda, have three children and seven grandchildren. They now reside in beautiful Northwest Arkansas.
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Publication Date: February 28th, 2022
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