Serverless Handbook: for frontend engineers (Paperback)

Serverless Handbook: for frontend engineers By Swizec Teller Cover Image

Serverless Handbook: for frontend engineers (Paperback)


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Serverless Handbook for frontend engineers is the resource I wish I had jumping into serverless. A guide borne of experience and pain.

No academic bullshit where you're not sure if the author ever used this stuff in production. I have. From baby side-projects to high traffic data processing monsters.

As Google likes to say: serverless architectures, ]from prototype to production to planet-scale

Here's what early readers had to say.

- Serverless Handbook taught me high-leveled topics. I don't like specific courses with source code (unless it's the exactly thing I want to build) but these chapters helped me to feel like i'm not a total noob anymore. The hand-drawn diagrams and high-leveled descriptions gave me the feeling that i don't have any critical "knowledge gaps" anymore

- I'm using these skills on some serverless projects in a dayjob. Also very convenient to use with my side projects.

- The code examples I like that you included a lot of code examples. It sparked my interest in serverless. Since reading the book I've taken a few courses/workshops in serverless but this was the book that started the serverless journey for me. Can't wait to build a micro SaaS app with my friends

Serverless Handbook takes you from backend beginner to solid full-stack engineer. It shows you the mindsets and tactics to use with any backend. It talks about distributed data processing, designing a REST API, how to build GraphQL, handling authentication, and keeping your code secure.

Every chapter helps you choose what to do. Because your project is unique and understanding beats cookie-cutter recipes. This book is a why, not a how. But there's enough how to start you off: )

Serverless Handbook is everything I wish I knew about backend programming 10 years ago.

Product Details ISBN: 9781662911606
ISBN-10: 1662911602
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Publication Date: June 27th, 2021
Pages: 360
Language: English