Self Care for Nurses: Small Doses for Wellness (Paperback)

Self Care for Nurses: Small Doses for Wellness By Natalie May, Tim Cunningham, Dorrie Fontaine Cover Image

Self Care for Nurses: Small Doses for Wellness (Paperback)


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Self care is not a magical elixir. It alone will not fix the problems that create stress in your life as a new or veteran nurse; however, a self-care practice can help you to develop the necessary tools to find creative solutions to problems, to enjoy and rely on the camaraderie of your team, and ultimately to flourish in a meaningful and exciting career.
Everything in this book is grounded in research and the expertise of psychologists, therapists, social workers, physicians, and other smart people, especially your fellow nurses. As your guides on this journey, we know a lot, but we don't know everything. We do, however, know a great idea when we hear it, and we've listened to nurses share their ideas about what is helpful and their experiences with making many of these ideas work for them. We have participated in resilience retreats with our nursing colleagues Jonathan Bartels, Esther Golda Lozano Otis, and Hannah Crosby, and we love their approach: They offer their students a "menu" of options, let them experience each one, and send them on their way. They trust that each student will connect with the practices that resonate or fit into their lifestyle. They also understand full well that your needs evolve over time. What works for you today may not work for you in three years. Your self-care journey will take some effort on your part, and this book aspires to guide you along the way.

We designed this book with the real-life nurses we know and love in mind. We asked ourselves, When and where will a nurse have time to read this? Will it fit in a backpack? We've written the entire book in small, bite-sized doses. Read a few pages on the bus or during a break. You don't even have to start at the beginning. We need all the gifts you bring to the nursing profession. Your patients need you. Your colleagues need you, and especially new nurses need you as they enter the profession. There are a lot of people at stake in your becoming the best nurse you can possibly be. Nursing affords you routine interactions that change the lives of your patients, strengthens the resolve of your colleagues, and ripples beyond your immediate circle to surprising places. Your gifts are beyond measure. When you're empowered to take deliberate steps toward your own well-being and that of others, everyone flourishes.

Product Details ISBN: 9781646481019
ISBN-10: 1646481011
Publisher: SIGMA Theta Tau
Publication Date: March 20th, 2023
Pages: 218
Language: English