The Kabbalah of Light: Ancient Practices to Ignite the Imagination and Illuminate the Soul (Paperback)

The Kabbalah of Light: Ancient Practices to Ignite the Imagination and Illuminate the Soul By Catherine Shainberg Cover Image

The Kabbalah of Light: Ancient Practices to Ignite the Imagination and Illuminate the Soul (Paperback)


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• Shares 159 short exercises and practices to tap instantly into your subconscious mind and receive answers to your most important questions

• Explains how to dialogue with and understand the imagery and metaphors that arise during these practices

• Offers powerful practices to discover your areas of “stuckness” and quickly clear them, thus releasing past traumas and ancestral patterns and freeing the flow of the imagination for enhanced creativity and joy in life

In this step-by-step guide to kabbalistic practices to connect with your natural inner genius and liberate the light within you, Catherine Shainberg reveals how to tap instantly into the subconscious and receive answers to urgent questions. This method, called the Kabbalah of Light, originated with Rabbi Isaac the Blind of Posquieres (1160-1235) and has been passed down by an ancient kabbalistic family, the Sheshet of Gerona, in an unbroken transmission spanning more than 800 years.

The modern lineage holder of the Kabbalah of Light, Shainberg shares 159 short experiential exercises and practices to help you begin dialoguing with your subconscious through images. The images that pop up during these practices are unexpected and revelatory, and she discusses how to open them to greater understanding. At first, they may show you aspects of yourself you don’t like. But seeing them serves as both a diagnosis and a direct path to transformation. Fast and simple, the practices can help you discover your areas of “stuckness,” release past traumas and ancestral patterns, free the imagination, and open the way to the bliss promised us in the Garden of Eden.

Beginning this fertile dialogue with your inner world leads you to uncover your soul’s purpose and manifest your dreams in this world. Once your inner dream world and outer reality have merged, you will be able to see your superconscious--your soul’s ­blueprint--and experience the ecstatic illumination of a heart-centered life.
Catherine Shainberg, Ph.D., is a psychologist, healer, and teacher with a private practice in New York City. She spent 10 years of intense study of the Kabbalah of Light in Jerusalem with Colette Aboulker-Muscat and an additional 20 years in continuing collaboration with her. In 1982 Catherine Shainberg founded the School of Images, dedicated to teaching the revelatory dream and kavanah (intent) techniques of this ancient Sephardic Kabbalah tradition. She conducts imagery and dreaming workshops internationally.
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Publisher: Inner Traditions
Publication Date: July 5th, 2022
Pages: 352
Language: English
“This book is a gift to dreamers, to Kabbalists, to meditators, and to the world. Amid the fascination with Kabbalah, seekers have thirsted for a way into the mystical experience. The Kabbalah of Light is that way in.”
— Rabbi Jill Hammer, Ph.D., author of Undertorah

“Catherine Shainberg teaches us how our dreams can become real and the unknowable known. Her book will give you courage to learn from the creativity of your dreams.”
— Rodger Kamenetz, author of The Jew in the Lotus

“In her wonderful new book Catherine Shainberg inspires us to plunge deep into the ocean of dreams and access gifts of the great unconscious. She declares with informed passion that dreaming is a royal road to enlightenment and shows us that it opens doors to many worlds.”
— Robert Moss, author of Conscious Dreaming

“Catherine’s done it again, assembling the hidden ingredients of mindfulness and brewing them in a cauldron of ancient and early medieval Hebraic mystery wisdom. An excellent guide whose magic we have yet to fathom and of which, through the book’s many exercises, we might finally catch a glimpse.”
— Rabbi Gershon Winkler, author of Magic of the Ordinary

“Catherine Shainberg’s new book is serious, delightful, and tinged with the magical, as is the author. It is a creative effort, filled with wonderful practices and exercises to raise the great Leviathan from the depths of the unconscious so as to awaken our creative imagination and life force. Shainberg’s readings into biblical and Kabbalistic myth are wonderfully creative.”
— Melila Hellner-Eshed, author of A River Flows from Eden

The Kabbalah of Light is an audacious endeavor to present the esoteric wisdom of the Jewish mystical tradition as the science of letting the unconscious speak. The guidance in this book is to lead one to spiritual enlightenment and psychic well-being, the experience that Kabbalists call dveikut, cleaving to the divine, the highest rung on the ladder of dreams.”
— Elliot Wolfson, Marsha and Jay Glazer Chair in Jewish Studies, University of California, Santa Barba

“In this brilliant book, Catherine has given us a great gift. Not only is this work dazzling in its depth and beauty, it is also eminently useful and practical. Catherine guides us on a grand journey, a voyage of self-discovery. There lies buried treasure--the riches of a more fulfilling transformed life, illumined by the golden sunlight of divine revelation.”
— Kevin Melville Jennings, past contributor of The Daily Scope for

“In her thrilling new book, Catherine Shainberg’s treasure trove of playful and profound ‘inductions’ will guide you to plunge deeper and deeper into the innermost realms of your soul. What a gift this book is to all seekers of light and delight. The Kabbalah of Light is mind-expanding. It’s fun and fabulous!”
— Didi Conn, actress and playwright

"This book is so full of spiritual practices that it must be the most applicable use of Jewish mysticism ever published in a single volume. Never have we seen a book that presents Kabbalah with so many exercises designed to enhance understanding. Sprinkled throughout the chapters are 160 numbered exercises from 'Awake while Falling Asleep' (#1) to 'Oneness' (#160)."
— Jon M. Sweeney, Spirituality & Practice