Jin Shin for Cats and Dogs: Healing Touch for Your Animal Companions (Paperback)

Jin Shin for Cats and Dogs: Healing Touch for Your Animal Companions By Tina Stümpfig Cover Image

Jin Shin for Cats and Dogs: Healing Touch for Your Animal Companions (Paperback)


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• Includes body maps for both cats and dogs that clearly illustrate the positions of the Jin Shin Jyutsu energy points and explains how to work with them

• Presents step-by-step illustrations and easy, brief explanations for point sequences for general health, first aid, and specific ailments, from ear mites and conjunctivitis to kidney infection, splinters, and anxiety

• Provides sections with dog-specific and cat-specific ailments, organized by area of the body and symptoms, with recommended treatment points and sequences

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A GENTLE WAY to ease your cat’s coughing or lighten the joint problems of your dog? Or maybe you want to relieve your pet’s stress when going to the vet and help them recover after surgery? A soft touch method for harmonizing energy flow, Jin Shin Jyutsu is an excellent hands-on healing tool to support your animal companion’s overall health and alleviate common ailments and injuries. By calmly placing your hands on certain energy points on your pet’s body, you can release energetic blockages, strengthen the immune system, and stimulate their body’s self-healing response.

Easy step-by-step illustrations and body maps for both cats and dogs show how to use this simple system of two-point touch healing. From ear mites and conjunctivitis to kidney infection, splinters, and anxiety, just by holding certain points on the body of your cat or dog you can quickly relieve a symptom or trigger the start of a comprehensive healing process. Jin Shin Jyutsu not only improves their health and well-being but also offers an enjoyable moment of energetic exchange between you and your four-legged friend throughout all phases of life.
Tina Stümpfig is a psychologist and experienced Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, working with people and animals. She offers Jin Shin Jyutsu trainings and workshops and is the author of Jin Shin Healing Touch: Quick Help for Common Ailments. Tina lives in Wangen, Germany.
Product Details ISBN: 9781644114599
ISBN-10: 1644114593
Publisher: Findhorn Press
Publication Date: September 27th, 2022
Pages: 240
Language: English
“Animals don’t doubt if energy healing works. All of mine just soaked in the energy when I tried several of the techniques laid out in Jin Shin for Cats and Dogs. Tina Stümpfig has done a remarkable job of instructing the beginner and organizing the material so anyone and their animal can benefit from this book.”
— JOAN RANQUET, energy healer, animal communicator, and author of Energy Healing for Animals

“An easy-to-digest manual for cat and dog owners, tackling small as well as more complex topics, whether they are based on health-related or psychological issues. The images and step-by-step instructions allow also those new to this practice to optimally use the correct hand positions to help their pet.”
— MELANIE KESSLER, alternative practitioner and Reiki healer for animals and animal psychologist and c

“I highly recommend Tina Stümpfig’s Jin Shin for Cats and Dogs. It is fun to read and the handholds are easy to use. As with humans, you can also activate the self-healing properties of dogs and cats. From physical to psychological problems all is well explained, and the additional use of images makes it easy to understand and thereby suitable for beginners as well as those more advanced.”
— KIRSTEN MOHR, animal Jin Shin practitioner

“Every pet owner dreams of an easy, gentle method without side effects that enables them to help their sick dog or ailing cat themselves. The healing flow of Jin Shin Jyutsu makes this possible--simply by touching specific points and areas on the body. Holding certain ‘safety energy locks’ activates energy flows, releases blockages, and thus paves the path to maintaining or restoring health. You can learn how easy and straightforward this is in Tina Stümpfig’s Jin Shin for Cats and Dogs. Her book does not stop at physical ailments only: she also gives useful therapeutic advice on behavioral disorders and psychic problems. An absolute must for every dog- and cat-loving person who wants to help their pet themselves or effectively accompany a veterinarian therapy.”
— MONIKA FALCK, animal communicator and family constellator with animals