Stuck in the Middle: Surviving Siblings (Paperback)

Stuck in the Middle: Surviving Siblings By Janel Dunkel Cover Image

Stuck in the Middle: Surviving Siblings (Paperback)


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And in fairness, she said she wanted to run away from home. She had packed up this little miniature brick red suitcase with what she thought were her prized possessions, and she stood in front of the glass storm door for the longest time. I watched impatiently from around the corner. What is she waiting for? I wondered.

Did she think some magical bus was going to pull up and take her off to some land where she was an only child? A place where such things as hand-me-downs and bunk beds didn't exist?

It's been so long now, I can't remember if there was any prediscussion or if I just walked up and pushed her, suitcase and all, out the door. Problem is, the door didn't open.

It shattered, and she fell out. You know how you sometimes see a look on someone's face that just makes you Cringe. With. Fear? It was that look. I half expected her head to start spinning around, and for that briefest of moments, I was frozen in fear. I suppose that fact that she said she was going to run away and my delight in the prospect of having a room all to my own clouded my judgment, and well, the rest as they say, is history.

Sibling rivalry is a struggle many of us have encountered. Trying to find your place in a family is hard. I was the maladjusted middle child in a family of seven children. Struggling to be noticed or once in a while to just win at something. This is "my" story about growing up in a close family where laughter is all we needed to survive. Of course, their versions could be different, but they didn't write a book now, did they #FINALLYWINNING

Product Details ISBN: 9781642992809
ISBN-10: 1642992801
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: July 11th, 2018
Pages: 122
Language: English