The Dad Advice Project: Words of Wisdom From Guys Who Love Being Dads (Hardcover)

The Dad Advice Project: Words of Wisdom From Guys Who Love Being Dads By Craig Kessler Cover Image

The Dad Advice Project: Words of Wisdom From Guys Who Love Being Dads (Hardcover)


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The Dad Advice Project is a book of real-life stories and advice written by more than forty dads from all walks of life—including professional athletes, TV personalities, businessmen, civic leaders, military veterans, and other close personal friends of the author.

In early 2019 while in search of parenting advice, father of three young boys, Topgolf Chief Operating Officer, and author, Craig Kessler, asked a handful of friends to write him a letter on “how to be a good dad.” The responses he received inspired him, in turn, to begin compiling additional letters for a work which would come to be known as The Dad Advice Project. Now, a little more than two years later, the completed book includes stories and advice from dads and granddads.

As a former Boys & Girls Club member, Craig Kessler is proud to support the mission of Boys & Girls Clubs of America to help every young person reach their full potential.
Born and raised in San Diego, Craig Kessler attended Georgetown University before starting a career in business, the early years of which he spent working in consulting and private equity. After marrying his high school girlfriend, he attended Harvard Business School. Several years after graduating, he was offered the chance of a lifetime—to help lead a business called Topgolf. At the time, he was thirty-one years old. With a bit of luck and a series of incredible mentors, he was off to the races helping to lead one of the fastest growing sports and entertainment companies in the world. And along the way, two things happened. First, he and his wife had three children—all boys and all within four years—and he realized early on that he had a lot to learn about raising kids. Second, he developed friendships with remarkable people, many of them dads and grandads, who were willing to share tips and tricks about fatherhood.

Wherever life and work take him, Craig’s favorite job is and always will be starting and ending each day as a husband and dad.
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Publisher: Savio Republic
Publication Date: June 1st, 2021
Pages: 176
Language: English
"My dad's contribution to The Dad Advice Project was a great opportunity. The project turned into an awesome book with a great group of contributors. When my dad shared his chapter with our family, it led to great reflection, conversation, and storytelling. And with some of his tips and tricks now revealed, it all makes sense! I'll for sure be stealing some, if I'm so lucky. I'm proud to be his son."  
— Jordan Spieth, PGA Tour Golfer

"The Dad Advice Project is my 'go-to' recommended read for dads seeking to strengthen their father-child bond. This is the best resource I've seen for fathers to authentically and humbly connect with fellow dads in all stages of their fatherhood journey."
— Christy Tornelli, Mother of two, Child Development Specialist and Director of The Children's Center

"Nobody has ever written the definitive book on being a dad. It can't be done. reading through the experiences of so many intelligent and accomplished gentlemen, we can gain perspective and seriously reflect—no matter how far along we are in our fatherhood journey. After all, there is nothing more important in life than being a great dad." 
— Chris Berman, Father of two, ESPN

"The Dad Advice Project provides a mission statement for the world's hardest (and best) job. Through anecdotes and advice from a diverse group of parents, Kessler manages to capture the essence of what it means to be a good father. The experiences outlined here provide a roadmap for all dads to succeed in their critical role." 
— Dr. Sarah Isbey, Mother of two, Pediatric Emergency Physician

"For so many of us dads, our fathers are our heroes. The Dad Advice Project's sage, insightful, and entertaining reflections—from an impressive collection of dads—put emotions into words and remind us all of the importance and gratitude that comes with the gift of fatherhood. It is both a privilege to have great men in our lives and a sacred opportunity and obligation to pass such lessons to our children." 
— Seth Waugh, Father of five, CEO, PGA of America

"Fatherhood is one of life's great responsibilities and I thoroughly enjoyed reading perspectives on 'how to be a good dad' in The Dad Advice Project. No one has had even remotely as much impact on my life as my father, and sadly, I lost him far too early in his life and mine. I recall so many of the lessons and sayings he shared with me as I try to be a good father to my children. The stories in this book will help dads on their endless quest to bring happiness into the most precious aspect of life: our children." 
— Pete Bevacqua, Father of three, Chairman, NBC Sports

"The question was once asked, 'What's love got to do with it?' Craig, so aptly in this project, reveals the answer: everything! The Dad Advice Project—truly a labor of love—conveys what our children need and deserve from their fathers. Whether you're a boy dad or a girl dad (or even a mom!), you will find advice that will warm your heart and bless your soul. My advice is to sit back, stand up, run around, and lean in as you engage in some of the best work on the planet—the work of caring for and loving our children. Let's go, Dads!" 
— Cynt Marshall, Mother of Four, CEO, Dallas Mavericks

"The Dad Advice Project is a compendium of wisdom made more powerful through poignant vignettes. This wisdom comes alive through the candid stories of a diverse set of men, which will resonate with fathers and expectant fathers. Few books offer both a heartwarming read and practical advice. This one does." 
— Joe Fuller, Father of three, Professor, Harvard Business School