The Death Mage Volume 3 (Paperback)

The Death Mage Volume 3 By Densuke, Ban! (Illustrator) Cover Image

The Death Mage Volume 3 (Paperback)

By Densuke, Ban! (Illustrator)


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After victorious battles, Zadilis and the other ghouls from the grotto undergo their first job changes. The ghouls are on the move What awaits them in their new home?

The dhampir Vandal has defeated the Kobolt King Gyahn and the Noble Orc Bugogan, saved Zadilis and the other ghouls in the grotto, become a Ghoul King, and made plenty of new allies along the way. Vandal wants to keep the ghouls safe and is not yet ready to face the human threats that still pursue him. So he decides to lead his allies to fresh pastures in order to first consolidate their fighting strength. Along the way, the party faces encounters with unknown monsters and many of the ghouls give birth. They finally overcome these challenges to arrive at the ruined demon barren of Talosheim--where a welcome that none of them could have expected awaits.
Product Details ISBN: 9781642732931
ISBN-10: 1642732931
Publisher: One Peace Books
Publication Date: August 29th, 2023
Pages: 300
Language: English