A Parent's Guide to Divorce: How to Raise Happy, Resilient Kids Through Turbulent Times (Paperback)

A Parent's Guide to Divorce: How to Raise Happy, Resilient Kids Through Turbulent Times By Karen Becker Cover Image

A Parent's Guide to Divorce: How to Raise Happy, Resilient Kids Through Turbulent Times (Paperback)


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A Parent's Guide to Divorce is every family’s reference for raising healthy, happy children of all ages through divorce at all stages.

Healthy, thriving children have strong family bonds—but that doesn’t mean their parents need to stay married. A Parent's Guide to Divorce coaches both high-conflict and cooperating parents alike on how to best address children’s needs to become a stronger and closer family than before.

From creating a parenting plan to navigating the post-divorce world, this child-centered reference teaches you what to say and do to guide your children through divorce. With age-specific guidance for toddlers to young adults, A Parent's Guide to Divorce offers proactive solutions to make your child a priority as you successfully transition to co-parenting.

A Parent's Guide to Divorce helps your family overcome divorce and start a new chapter with:
  • Child-centered guidance that incorporates developmental milestones for toddlers, preschoolers, young children, preteens, teenagers, and young adults.
  • A step-by-step structure that offers support before, during, and after divorce.
  • Practical tips that include scripts for finding compassionate answers to tough questions, and advice on handling holidays, making two homes truly home, new relationships, and other important topics for co-parents.

Divorce is a difficult time for you and your children, but it’s only part of your story. A Parent's Guide to Divorce shows you how to turn a new page and give your kids a childhood filled with positive memories.
KAREN BECKER is a family coach and divorced family coordinator. She has worked with hundreds of families one-on-one and in group settings, as they’ve transitioned from parenting together to co-parenting in separate homes. Her own experiences as a co-parent as well as her education in counseling have helped her build curriculum, communicate techniques, and produce worksheets that help take the negative emotion out of the co-parents’ relationship and put the focus on the children. From self-care techniques to communication tips and tricks to parenting issues, the families who have worked with Karen have all found better ways of handling life after divorce. Visit KarenBeckerLifeCoach.com.
Product Details ISBN: 9781641521215
ISBN-10: 164152121X
Publisher: Althea Press
Publication Date: November 13th, 2018
Pages: 148
Language: English
"A Parent's Guide to Divorce is such an amazing resource for parents who are going through or about to go through a divorce. Having been through a divorce 11 years ago with two young children, I would have LOVED a book like this. Karen's book offers practical strategies to plan ahead for the most important aspects of divorcing and co-parenting and provides a realness and understanding of the emotions because she has been through this herself. That is who you want to learn from. I highly recommend this book to any parents co-parenting or about to co-parent. Your children didn't choose this and still deserve a happy childhood, and you can make that happen. This book will help!"—Julie Ciardi, host of the Divorced Mommy Podcast

"A Parent’s Guide To Divorce is a valuable guide to navigating the divorce process from a child-centered perspective, but understands the challenges that parents face individually at such an emotional and turbulent time. The writer draws on her own experience of the divorce world both professionally and personally to show the reader that it is possible for children to thrive after their parents’ divorce and form healthy, happy relationships into adulthood."—Uncoupled LTD

"You can raise happy, resilient kids during and after a divorce. A Parent's Guide to Divorce has everything you need to keep kids at the center of any co-parenting relationship. More than a guide, it’s an easy-to-adopt blueprint for you and your former spouse, even during those rough patches. It's clear, concise, and easy to read, a complete resource packed with spot-on information. Whether you’re just starting out or knee-deep in your co-parenting journey, it’s a must-have."—Kerry Porter, Certified Divorce Coach and founder of Divorce Response Team (www.divorceresponseteam.com)

"A Parent 's Guide to Divorce comes at just the right time when divorce rates are on the rise and high conflict divorce happens more often than not. This is a step-by-step guide on how to divorce gracefully, with your head up high and with as little conflict as possible. It offers a formula of divorcing without placing your children in the middle and provides helpful tools to avoid pitfalls. And if you make a mistake, the book helps you take a step back and readjust using helpful, commonsense tips that support you through difficult times. This book will provide you with the support you need, even in the darkest time."—Noelani Pearl Hunt, President, Santa Clara Unified School of Education/CEO, Hand in Hand Parenting

"A Parent's Guide to Divorce is written with authority and compassion. This is a book you will turn to for advice and insight and as a guide through separation, divorce, and co-parenting. It is rare to find such a thorough resource that all families can use to build loving relationships with their children through turbulent times."—Kathy Duffek, Parent Educator, B.S.W.C.

"This book is a long overdue publication; it is an exceptional resource for parents who are either in the process of divorcing or who are already divorced. What is so refreshing is that it is child-centric, with every chapter all about the impact on the child or children involved. Subjects include healing for the divorced parent, scripts to use when talking to your kids, red flags to watch out for at every stage in the transition, and planning based on your children’s ages. A simple and accessible guide with many practical examples, this is a handy book for any divorcing parent."—Helen Blackwell, www.mumandahalf.com

"A Parent's Guide to Divorce will help you minimize the negative impact of divorce while maximizing the process of healing. This must-have guide should never leave your side if you want to navigate the rocky shoals of divorce in the healthiest way possible."—Douglas Comstock, author of The Mental Toughness Advantage: A 5-Step Program to Boost Your Resilience and Reach Your Goals