Monster Girl Doctor (Light Novel) Vol. 10 (Paperback)


Lindworm mourns their doctor as Glenn’s fiancées frantically seek a way to bring him back. Meanwhile, Glenn’s soul wanders a strange, misty realm where he meets a surprising new patient—the Queen of the Underworld, who says she will restore him to life if and only if he can cure her malady. But can a doctor of the living make a difference in the land of the dead? Glenn’s life might just depend on it!

The final volume!
Yoshino Origuchi is a Japanese author best known for Monster Girl Doctor.

Z-ton is a prolific monster girl doujinshi creator best known for Monster Girl Doctor and contributions to the Monster Musume: I Heart Monster Girls anthology series.
Product Details ISBN: 9781638583271
ISBN-10: 1638583277
Publisher: Airship
Publication Date: October 17th, 2023
Pages: 204
Language: English
Series: Monster Girl Doctor (Light Novel)