CSS in Depth, Second Edition (Paperback)

CSS in Depth, Second Edition By Keith J. Grant Cover Image

CSS in Depth, Second Edition (Paperback)


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To create web designs that delight, entertain, and impress your users, you need to know CSS in depth!

Go beyond the basics of CSS and discover web design techniques that range from clever to mind-blowing! This totally revised new edition of CSS in Depth expands your CSS skills with the patterns, layouts, and methods you need to deliver truly beautiful front ends.

In CSS in Depth, Second Edition you will learn how to:
  • Create a web page with layout methods
  • Develop essential website components, like dropdown menus and modal dialog boxes
  • Make your website fully responsive across devices
  • Organize your CSS for easy future maintenance
  • Implement designer mockups with attention to detail
  • Use animations to guide user focus
  • Avoid common CSS pitfalls

CSS in Depth has given thousands of web developers the tools and the inspiration to make sites that really pop. This second edition is packed with the latest best practices, new CSS language features, and essential advice on how to organize and maintain your CSS codebase.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

About the book

CSS in Depth, Second Edition deep dives into the CSS techniques used by the world’s most skilled web developers. It builds an in-depth understanding of how CSS works the way it does, with a laser focus on essential topics like vertical centering, margin collapsing, and positioning. Inside, you’ll learn how to build and organize a modular CSS codebase so that it’s easy to understand, maintain, and reuse.

This new edition is fully revised to cover the latest additions to the CSS standard, such as cascade layers, logical properties, new color functions, subgrid, and container queries. Bottom line: this book will make you a better web designer and your apps will look fantastic!

About the reader

Written for web developers who know the basics of CSS and HTML.

About the author

Keith J. Grant is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, where he works on front-end code for the Ansible Controller web application using JavaScript and CSS.

Keith J. Grant is a senior web developer who builds and maintains web applications and websites, including The New York Stock Exchange site.
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