30 Ways a Father Can Bless His Children (Paperback)

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30 Ways a Father Can Bless His Children (Paperback)


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Easily give your kids the affirmation they need in 30 easy, affordable, and practical ways. The Blessing isn't just another parenting formula--it's a powerful, yet simple, biblical concept that will strengthen all your relationships. Perfect for parents with children of any age.

Statistics show that a father's presence in the lives of his children promotes higher levels of school performance, better psychological development, positive relational skills, and decreased exposure to violence, substance abuse, and poverty.

Experience the Power of the Biblical Blessing in Your Children's Lives

Transform your relationship with your children with the blessings God intended for us all. Expert John Trent unpacks the biblical model of the Blessing to help families create a culture of love, appreciation, and commitment for one another. This 112-page book will teach you how to--
  • Get involved in your children's lives
  • Express active commitment, encouragement, and support
  • Show your love in ways kids will appreciate
  • Build a foundation for lifelong relationships with your sons and daughters
3 Key Features of the Blessing Books

1. 30 Practical, Affordable, and Easy Ways to Bless Your Children

Packed with 30 simple activities to show your sons or daughters that you love and appreciate them From getting tech-savvy on the Web to Scripture-memorizing, easily turn these basic activities into insightful blessings that will positively impact your kids for a lifetime

2. Unlock Your Potential for Blessing with the LOGB(R) Strengths Quiz
Included in this book is Dr. John Trent's famous Lion-Otter-Golden Retriever-Beaver Strengths Assessment that you can use to help determine your God-given strengths and for those of your kids too Knowing your strengths is more than just a fun quiz: just like knowing your love languages, it will help you encourage and support your children like never before

3. Clear Overview of Biblical Principles for Encouraging and Loving Your Children
This easy-to-read book will help you demonstrate the message that God has for us all: every child in every home deserves to know that Jesus is crazy about them. Make this truth a reality for your child through the gift of the Blessing so they can be free to serve others, gain personal strength, and grow in responsibility. Help them embrace the truth that with God's love, they can do and be more than they ever imagined.

What are the 5 Elements of the Blessing?

But what exactly does it mean to give a blessing? The Blessing as described in Scripture always included five elements:
  1. Meaningful and appropriate touch
  2. A spoken message
  3. Attaching high value to the one being blessed
  4. Picturing a special future for him or her
  5. An active commitment to fulfill the blessing
About The Blessing Books by John Trent

Based on the best-selling book written by Dr. John Trent and Gary Smalley, The Blessing, these Bible-based, easy-to-read books encourage family members to be a blessing to one another. With specific books tailored for husbands, wives, fathers, and mothers, Dr. Trent dives into the practical and biblically-based attitudes and actions necessary for positive relationships within a family. Find these other titles also by John Trent:
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Publisher: Aspire Press
Publication Date: August 27th, 2015
Pages: 112
Language: English
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