Basic Defense & Safety Fundamentals for Pool & Pocket Billiards (Paperback)

Basic Defense & Safety Fundamentals for Pool & Pocket Billiards By Allan P. Sand Cover Image

Basic Defense & Safety Fundamentals for Pool & Pocket Billiards (Paperback)


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There are two classes of pool players in the world. The serious shooter is dedicated to finding ways to gain better control how the cue ball rolls around the table. Most players enjoy pool because, well - it's fun This book is written for you guys.

This is an introduction to the idea that defensive shooting is just as important as offensive shooting. Here is something to remember: there are no rules that require you to play stupid shots. When you have a table layout with a shot that is too tough, you really do not have to figure out some crazy way that the object ball MIGHT (maybe) get to a designated pocket.

How about this as a simple solution? DON'T try to make the shot. Instead, shoot something that prevents your opponent from winning the game.

If you do this, your opponent has a difficult situation. You can let him invent silly reasons to miss. You come back to the table with a good chance to win (or get closer to a win). Let him play all offense all the time. You play a few safeties and let him give you the opportunity to win.

When this book falls into your hands, there is stuff you can use immediately. Besides the tips, there are techniques, exercises, and a few tricks that help you win more games. Yes, you can even use these to beat better shooters.

Consider this book to be the digest version of the Safety Toolbox. A couple of hours of study, combined with some practice table time, and you are suddenly a tougher shooter.

Let your opponents use the bar-banger style of calling fantastic hero shots, such as, "5 ball, four rails, off the 7 and into the side pocket." This book will add some competitive maturity to your playing style.

I don't need to wish you good luck. This book and some of your time is all you need to begin winning more games. And here's a useful benefit from the book - you don't have to outshoot your opponent. Simply prevent him from winning.

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Publisher: Billiard Gods Productions
Publication Date: April 1st, 2012
Pages: 64
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