Riding the Rails by Harvey Sloane


Jay and I truly cherish our 50-year relationship with Harvey and Kathy Sloane. Jay and Harvey shared a commitment and dedication to public service in West Virginia and Kentucky.  Their lives continued on parallel paths as Harvey ran for mayor of Louisville and Jay ran for governor of West Virginia.  We treasure our friendship.  Harvey has had a fascinating life by being truly devoted to others.  He is a unique individual with a fascinating life story.  Harvey has led and exemplary life from which we can all learn.  Jay and I highly recommend this intriguing book.
Sharon Percy Rockefeller, President and CEO of WETA

When one looks up in the dictionary the term “public servant” Harvey Sloane’s name is the example given. From a commitment to medical patients who lacked access and financial support, to neighborhoods throughout Louisville and Jefferson County who needed basic support for social services and infrastructure support, Harvey Sloane was their advocate. His energy, genuineness and vision for making the Louisville community as good as it could possibly be, made a positive difference in the lives of over 700,000 citizens of Harvey’s adopted hometown. The quality of life for all Louisvillians throughout the 70’s and 80’s was positively impacted by Harvey’s decisiveness, leadership and quality of life values that excited and energized Louisville as never before. The strength of his personality and love of community that he exhibited daily turned Louisville into a vibrant and destination community!
Jerry Abramson, Louisville Attorney

Harvey Sloane, whom I have know for many years, is a great humanitarian, doctor, and devoted family man. He cares tremendously about people and the human race. His work throughout his life is even deeper with the immense respect he shows his colleagues, his constituents, his patients, and his family. This book clearly depicts a man who has lived a good, full, and fulfilling life.
Martha Stewart, Businesswoman, Writer, and TV Personality

Riding the Rails is a wonderfully told story of public service at its best. Sloane’s many adventures—from the halls of power in Kentucky to perhaps the grimmest place in Siberia—offer valuable lessons to anyone interested in the greater good. It could hardly be more timely.
Phil Roosevelt, Editorial Director, Magazine, Barron’s