The Tao of Podcasting by Charlie Birney


"Podcasts are proliferating, making it easier than ever to get the word out about your services, products, and brand. But, how does it all work? How do you land those coveted guest spots on the top podcasts? And how do you make the most of the interviews once you’re booked? Charles Birney has written a jewel of a book, fun, easy to read, and incredibly helpful for navigating the emerging world of podcasts." - Stu Heinecke, author of How to Grow Your Business Like a Weed and How to Get a Meeting with Anyone

"The Tao of Podcasting applies the timeless wisdom of the Tao Te Ching to today’s world of podcasting. Combining creative versions of the 81 Tao passages with engaging drawings, this new book shows how the complementary opposites of yin and yang, such as listening and speaking, can reveal unseen stories as hosts and guests, producers and mindful listeners discover new harmonies together." - Diane Dreher, author of The Tao of Inner Peace

"For me, an avid podcast listener and host who worries that what I have done is not enough, The Tao of Podcasting is a revelation. Charlie Birney offers elegantly composed comparisons between Taoist principles and podcasting with illustrations that, like little gems, illuminate his observations. His point is well taken: it is the act of communication and connection that matters. Letting go is essential to getting there. Bravo, Charlie! - Anne Pasmanick, Host of "Power Station" podcast

“There is something magical that happens in the podcast studio that often goes unnoticed… many unseen elements combine to convey the essence of storytelling, and this is what I’ve tried to capture in each interpretative chapter and accompanying sketches in this book.” - Charlie Birney, Author, President of Podville Media, Washington, DC

Written in verse and illustrated by the author, The Tao of Podcasting shows how podcast production can create memorable stories by:

  • Remembering the ancient art of listening

  • Deepening the silence before the sound, combining stillness and fluidity

  • Developing auditory wisdomengaged listening, and talking forward

  • Reigniting your passion for podcasting

"The passages of the ancient Tao Te Ching (“The ancient text of The Way of Virtue”) have long been sources of comfort and inspiration: Each verse is intended to be a meditation on a page amid an often loud and frenetic world. Similarly, The Tao of Podcasting is a contemplative, insightful, and inspiring book that invites readers to draw or add their own thoughts to the page. It is my hope that these pages will center all who produce and listen to podcasts and inspire us to further our goals in the art of storytelling and communication: to learn, to connect, to create, and to entertain. And perhaps some of you will be interested in taking a closer look at Taoism."

Charlie Birney, President of Podville Media in Washington, DC, is also the author of Podcasting Made Simple.