Ode to Anthony and Other Poetry & Prose By Noah Marcus by Lisa Terry and Sophia Marcus

Anthony Bourdain fans will be electrified by Noah Marcus’ title poem, Ode to Anthony, in which readers become Anthony Bourdain, hurtling inexorably toward his fate, traversing a dreamlike world in which the inner mind merges with external reality. This book of poetry and prose explores themes of love, loss, art, identity, growth, and resilience - and culminates in a taut, suspenseful story that begs for a sequel. Noah Marcus was a gifted artist and emerging poet who lived in northwest DC until his untimely passing at the age of 24.
"Noah intuitively understood that art provokes an adaptive discomfort and a seductive harmony when it serves to simultaneously provide windows and mirrors into a self. We might only asymptotically approach a "true" self, getting closer without ever crossing that imaginary line - and on our journey, windows and mirrors help us step ever forward."  James Washington, English Professor
"Feel [Noah’s] words pulse. They bring blood into you. With this book, Lisa and Sophia [Noah's mother and sister] are not keeping Noah alive. They are keeping us alive. In Noah. He is sentry of the trees. Protest of the river. Old world spice and music... Noah has access to the mystic and its delirium."  -  Dr. Jaiya John, internationally recognized freedom worker, author, and poet.