Cocktails with the Admiral by Vic Socotra


Mac Showers lived the American Century with a front-row seat. An Iowa Depression-era kid, Mac’s desk in a Pearl Harbor basement enabled the Secrets to be used victory at the greatest naval battle of modern times was hatched near his desk. He headed the Estimates Section on Admiral Nimitz’s forward headquarters, and briefed the breathtaking casualties involved in the coming invasion of the Home Islands. He stayed in the Navy after the war, and entered the New One in style, dining with Marshall Tito, and helping to sweep up the wreckage in the Intelligence Community after Watergate. He became friends with a younger crowd at the bar across the street from his retirement community, and listened to the follies of Washington from the people still doing it, and telling us exactly why some of the strange things happened in DC, and how they came to be when he helped implement the provisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act for the Director of Central Intelligence. It was the scope of a life lived in full, and right in front of the electric panorama of the American Century. You will find some rage-age America in there, too!


Vic Socotra is an intelligence community member with over a half century of service. He served in three oceans and two seas, three declared wars and a couple that should have. He is a trained submarine analyst who got dipped in national politics, working The Hill and helping arrange the release of a Nobel Laureate in Burma, meeting with North Koreans in Pyongyang, and exploring the wild world of liberty ashore in Patthaya, Olongapo and Paris. One of the great treasures in a life is to have met people like Mac, and to be able to tell their stories.

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