Words: Connect, Clarify, and Lead by Dr. Phyllis Mindell and Erica Bryant


24 steps to start your WORDS journey to clarify, connect, and lead, from “me to we” all the way to the summit of loving argument and the pinnacle of loving criticism. See how WORDS enable you to find your authentic voice in the world, aided by the wisdom and experience of two professional writers and teachers.

“I’ve been employing these techniques since I began learning to write as a child and have used them to build a career in writing and technology. These simple rules will give any aspiring writer and speaker the confidence to communicate clearly and forcefully. Phyllis Mindell imparts the wisdom of the ages for a new generation (and I’d say that even if she weren’t my mother).”
-David A. Mindell
Executive Chairman, Co-founder of the Humatics Corporation, Professor, MIT

“Careers and relationships are built (or unbuilt) through actions and words. Dr. Mindell’s 60+ years’ communications expertise shines through this gem of a book.  She offers clear and tangible language lessons for even the, like, um, most distracted.”
-Sarah Feingold
Former General Counsel at Etsy and Vroom
Co-Founder of The Fourth Floor

“Erica’s style is both clear and accessible, and her passion for the written word is palpable. She writes with precision, and heart.”
-Dr. Malika Kapadia