African Pilgrimage Volume II by Damian J. Milliken


This book, African Pilgrimage Volume II: St. Mary’s at Mazinde Juu, traces the growth of St. Mary’s through the years since its founding by Father Damian in 1989.  The story is told in a series of anecdotes and comments excerpted from the monthly thank-you letters Father Damian writes to supporters and benefactors.

Volume II is rich in fascinating detail, not only about St. Mary’s but also about the history and culture of Tanzania.

This book is composed of reports and reflections centered on the founding and first decades of a secondary school for young Tanzanian women that has sent two thousand-plus highly qualified graduates on to higher education since 1993.


Father Damian Milliken, an American missionary of the Benedictine Order, founded St. Mary’s Secondary School at Mazinde Juu in the Usambara Mountains of Tanzania. Graduates of St. Mary’s now hold leadership positions in government, education and other fields, in contrast to the limited roles that would otherwise have been available to them.

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